10 things Community Managers say everyday

by Erin Tierney April 12, 2017

Let’s talk real, it’s hard work being a Community Manager. You do have good days, but also the bad ones. And then there’s those really, really bad days. So, in light of what we go through on a daily basis, I thought I’d be the silver lining to present to you ten things that you say (or think) in picture format. It’s guaranteed to turn your day around!

1. Deep breath!

Deep breath!

Breathing. It’s those little things that we need to remember. In all seriousness, self care is a BIG must-do for any CM. Check out our Self Care Challenge here.

2. Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!

Every. Hour. Am I right? I’m pretty certain Community Managers show a lot more wear and tear on their keyboards than other employees.

3. Don’t poke the bear.

Don't poke the bear!

Wiser words have never been said. Don’t poke the bear (or feed the trolls)!

4. You can’t make me angry.

I should tell you so that you don't waste your time, you can't make me angry

No matter how many times they try, you’re a pro at this! Go ahead and tell that to the bathroom mirror when the going gets tough.

5. If that’s how you want to act.

I mean, if that's how you want to act...

This is why we have community guidelines, because if that’s the way they want to act, they can do it elsewhere.

6. You’re wrong!

Wrong song

Face the truth, you’ve also made a song with the word. But seriously, contrary to some popular opinion, people can be, and are, wrong.

7. No!

grumpy cat no

No is not a dirty word, and don’t be afraid to use it where it’s needed!

8. People are the worst!

IT Crowd people are bastards

The hardest thing is to face the real world after having to deal with an online community, especially in times of crisis.

9. Can’t we all just get along?!

mean girls cake of rainbows

Do whatever makes you happy, whether it be baking a cake or just stepping out. Again, the key to being a great CM is to look after yourself!

10. Not listening.

LOTR not listening

Realistically, we just can’t put our fingers in our ears and pretend things aren’t happening. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t wish we could!

Is there something that you say on a daily basis that we’ve missed? Share it with us, we’d love to hear it!