Community management links round up 15/08/16

by Lauren Piro August 15, 2016

Here are some great community management articles we read last in the past fortnight.

Three Psychological Theories to Help You Design the Best Community
By Molly Talbert via Higher Logic.

A good community design will improve accessibility and increase your audience. Here are three science-backed visual tips to ensure you get it right.

What a recent trip to Helsinki taught me about designing community spaces
By Jessica Malnik.

Speaking of design, we can look to architectural examples as inspiration for community. How can we create the online equivalent of a café or symbolic public art?

Social Media Content Plan Ideas: September
By Rachel Beaney.

Father’s Day, the AFL finals and Talk Like a Pirate Day – it’s everything you need to plan exciting social media content during September.

5 Steps to See if Your #SocialMedia is Profitable
By Nancy Rubin.

All you lovers of cute infographics will want to check out this series on establishing and measuring ROI for social media.

Australia’s most shared stories and why they resonate
By Andrew Hunter via Mumbrella.

What can the most highly shared social media content teach us about driving engagement? It’s all about picking a team!

The rise of ‘micro-influencers’ on Instagram
By Yuyu Chen via Digiday.

Is there a sweet spot for the size of an influencer’s fan base when it comes to using them as influencers for your brand or community?

Every company needs a voice, this is how Slack found theirs
By Oliver Smith via The Memo.

Genuine human connection is at the heart of every community, which is why it’s so important for your organisation’s tone of voice to reflect it.

Quiip’s favourite Australian #censusfail posts
By Julie Delaforce via Quiip.

It was the biggest story of last week, and we’ve rounded up the most amusing posts on social.

How sponsors are supporting the Olympics on social media
By Lindsay Bennett via AdNews.

Rule 40 has been a thorn in the side for many brands on social, but there are loads of organisations making it work.

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