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A new approach to social media monitoring, reporting and analytics

About Quiip Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Data is essential to your success in social media. Without it you can’t measure your successes (and failures). With it you can do so much:

  • Brand research
  • Campaign or strategy research
  • Customer and market research
  • Customer service
  • Generate leads and finding new customers
  • Influencer engagement or surprise and delight consumers
  • Identify trends
  • Monitor competitors
  • Monitor the industry
  • Risk and crisis management

There is so much data at our fingertips as community managers, and we put it to work for you.

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Quiip is here to help you make social media make sense!

We offer a stand-alone solution, Quiip Social Media Monitoring and Reporting, which delivers comprehensive reporting, monitoring, and analytics. Quiip Social Media Monitoring and Reporting provides reports that address the ‘So, what… ?’ factor. We provide actionable insights that can improve social media, marketing, customer service and business performance.

Quiip’s social media monitoring and reporting solutions:

We consider social media reporting under two key areas:

  1. Social media monitoring or listening is data based on keyword searches from social networks, blogs and forums into actionable insights. Covering: sentiment, brand mentions, competitor analysis, campaigns, influencers, trends, demographics, geo-data, media sources, themes and topics.
  2. Social media measurement or presence performance analytics are those such as from Facebook Insights and are critical to measuring your social media and marketing performance. Covering: reach, engagement, audience growth, influencers, themes, link clicks, top posts, demographics such as age, gender and location, competitor analysis and more. We can look at analytics across most platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Quiip offers comprehensive reporting
. Reports including any combination of mentions, trends, sentiment analysis, audience growth, engagement, influencers, word clouds, hashtag tracking, campaign performance and much more. These reports also, and most importantly, break down the numbers and give you real actionable insights.

Quiip offers social media monitoring in the form of daily checks and escalation from $900/month, and comprehensive social media reporting from $1,300/month.


Key insights make all the difference in analytics – this is often where your direction and action will come from.

Above: Mention summaries for Adam Goodes and David Jones including reach, frequency and overall sentiment.

Above: A closer look at the overall sentiment for mentions of Adam Goodes and David Jones.

Above: The most frequently used hashtags with mentions of Adam Goodes and David Jones.

The Quiip Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Difference

Insightful. Visually stunning
Comprehensive. Actionable

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Above: Sample of a Quiip Report Social Media Monitoring Report from 2015 focusing on the Melbourne Cup.

“It was a huge relief in terms of time and reliability having the Quiillion team handle our reporting. The support was great and they went beyond the stock standard to provide some of the successes and insights that were specific to Sydney Writers’ Festival. The wrap up report was easily understood amongst staff and helped us learn more about our online presence.”

Luke De Silva, Sydney Writer’s Festival

The Quiip difference:

  • Shareable reports to win business support and investment. Our reports are visually stunning and contain actionable insights that you can put to work. We use the language you use to talk about marketing and business
  • Reports are built by our team of experienced community managers, providing you with in-depth insights and recommendations on what to do next
  • We go beyond the numbers to provide analysis of organically occurring conversations
  • We can provide campaign reporting including hashtag monitoring, link-sharing and reach
  • Manual sentiment grading – only humans can read and interpret the English language – let our community managers do the hard work for you to ensure data credibility
  • Guidance on the right tool at the right price for your needs and all the support you need to get set up
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports and historical deep dives up to 12 months
  • Month by month access to a tool or 12 month contracts

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