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Pillar Summit Australia Course Information

The Pillar Summit Professional Community management course is entirely taught online with an emphasis on providing participants with maximum flexibility in their studies.

Pillar Summit Australian Syllabus

Week 1 – Introductions & Basic of Successful Online Communities
Week 2 – Seeding, Critical Mass & Founding Members
Week 3 – How to grow an Online Community
Week 4 – Converting Newcomers
Week 5 – Moderation
Week 6 – Events & Activities
Week 7 – Content
Week 8 – Influence & Relationships
Week 9 – Data-Based Community Management
Week 10 – Data-Based Community Management  & Closing

Lessons are accessible on a scheduled weekly basis in the password-protected community area of the website. Lessons are taught through an interactive webinar during which participants will be taught about the topic, shown case studies and be asked questions relating to the material.

Each lesson will last approximately 45 minutes. Throughout the lesson, participants will be encouraged to ask questions (by text) and contribute their experiences, opinions and ideas.

To ensure all participants, regardless of location, can participate in every lesson – each lesson will also be recorded and participants may play or replay a lesson in their own time.

In addition to these live weekly lessons, the course includes:

  • The Community Management bible. The full text from the 10-week community management course – exclusive to this course.
  • Regular expert guest speakers. Experts from throughout the industry will address participants on their own community efforts and the tactics and strategies which worked for them.
  • Over 15 case studies of successful (and unsuccessful) branded communities. Learn from the successes and failures of dozens of brands, big and small.
  • Weekly live-chats with the community on a practical community development issue. Tackle a practical issue in depth and discover how your fellow participants resolved the issue.
  • Checklists for your own community efforts. You will be given clear, detailed, checklists for your own organisation to follow in the growth and development of your community.
  • An active forum to trade advice and ideas with fellow community professionals. A sounding board for all your community efforts, plans and visions. Bond with fellow professionals and share your recommendations (e.g. reliable platform vendors).
  • The community management playbook. How to respond and react to a variety of common problems faced by community management professionals.
  • Proven scripts. Receive scripts for interacting with members, persuading people to join, recruiting volunteers, creating news posts, and other common communication tasks.
  • Template documents. Receive template documents for your community wire-frames, web specs, strategy, action plans, and more.
  • Open-clinic hours. Seek one-to-one help on any unique issue faced by your organisation during our weekly open-clinic hours.


This course will be assessed by participation in class activities and through assignments issued during the course. These assignments are practical in nature and designed to provide you with a document useful to your own organisation’s community efforts.

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