Social Media News – August 2017

by Dan Stork September 5, 2017


Facebook has announced an update that favours pages with shorter loading times in the News Feed. If you aren’t mobile optimised it’s time to make a move.

Facebook has also announced it has changed videos sound settings to ‘auto-on’ in the News Feed. This is bad news for public transport users worldwide!

Facebook has tightened the analytics offered to pages when re-sharing video content.

Facebook has also launched its “Watch’ tab to push longer form video content on the platform.



Social Media Today has reported the testing of a $99 flat fee option for promoting of Tweets. It does, however, appear that the promoted posts are automatically selected by Twitter and not the user.



Digital Trends has been reporting on the hack and subsequent leak of stolen information on Instagram. This first came to light when Selena Gomez’s account was compromised last week.

Instagram has made comment tracking easier with the announcement of comment threading.