Social Media News in December
Social Media News in December

Social Media News in December

What’s been going on in the changing, shifting, reconfiguring social media landscape? Get on top of the big news from December with our monthly wrap.

4th January 2017

Good riddance, 2016! We’ve learned of way too many heartbreaking things via social media over the past year. Let’s hope 2017 balances things out with a whole bunch of good news. For now, here’s what happened in the world of social media in December.


The big guys are trying to look out for our emotional wellbeing by letting us block certain ad topics that could be triggering – at the moment ads from alcohol marketers and those relating to parenting. If a family has recently lost a child it would be extremely traumatic to continue seeing ads about kids’ products, so it’s a thoughtful move.

Both Facebook and Twitter introduced live 360 degree streaming in December, the latter via Periscope. These are only available to select users on each site at the moment, with a view to the features being available to everyone in the coming year.

The Snapchatification of Facey continues! You might have noticed location-based camera “frames” popping up that feel just like Snapchat’s geofilters. Users can create and upload their own frames for others to use on their photos taken at certain places, businesses or events.

We’ve all been frustrated by an inundation of viral fake news stories. After being accused of assisting the spread of fake news during the US election, Facebook is working to combat the proliferation by creating “Collections” – curating real news from reputable sources.


It’s more straightforward to live stream on Twitter now, as they’ve rolled out live streaming via the mobile app. So we have no use for the Periscope app anymore (unless you’re one of the partners with access to the afore-mentioned 360 degree streaming).

You know that moment you’re so hungry you can’t make decisions or communicate using words anymore? Tweet an emoji at @Google and they’ll give you local business results. 🍔 coming right up.


The saved posts feature on Facebook is so useful that lots of us found ourselves frustrated by the lack of save button on Instagram. Well, frustration over – the save button is here. Great for recipes, stuff we want to buy, and next-level insta stalking.

Adding a new level for engaging with comments on our instagram posts, we can now like other people’s comments. Along with this update is the ability to turn off commenting on posts completely – part of a boost in safety features on the platform.


If you’re Snapping away and the best song you’ve ever heard comes on, fear not, you don’t have to open Shazam. You can now Shazam directly from the Snapchat app by pressing and holding the camera screen.

Then if you get bored of all this Snapping and Shazamming you can play games in Snapchat now too. So far there have been sponsored games by Kraft Mac & Cheese (catch the noodle in your mouth), an unsponsored puzzle face game where your face is turned into one of those slide tile games, and a Christmassy Santa’s Helper game. Let the procrastination continue!

Bonus LOLs

Christmas Presents Gone Wild: Alexa fails to understand a child’s perfectly innocent request for “Digger Digger”.

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