Social Media News – January 2018

by Dan Stork February 12, 2018



Facebook has banned all targeted advertising for Cryptocurrency exchanges given the ongoing market volatility and rising number of scam sites.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a shift to promoting local news stories in the News Feed. The changes are currently being rolled out in the USA with other countries to follow suit soon.



Instagram finally announced the long-awaited change to their API allowing scheduling via the Graph API.

Instagram has added the ability to follow hashtags.



Snapchat took a big hit from Instagram Stories in the past year and appears to be playing catch-up, adding the ability to post older content from the camera roll, a change made by Instagram Stories at the end of 2017.



Following on from the news that violent and offensive videos were being accessed and even targetted to children on YouTube, Google has hired thousands of new moderators to take control of the situation.

Vlogger Logan Paul made international headlines when he posted a video from the infamous Aokigahara forest, a popular location for suicide, showing a recently deceased body. 



Strava recently released their data visualisation ‘Heat Maps’, which displays the data of runners and cyclists tracking their exercise through the app on a map. Since it’s release users online have found secret military outposts, walkways between government buildings and other sensitive information in the maps.

Danish police have worked with Facebook to charge over 1,000 young people for sharing videos of two teens having sex.

Mashable has compiled this list of the top 10 topics on social media in Australia in 2017.