Social Media News – July 2017
Social Media News – July 2017

Social Media News - July 2017

Facebook disable editable link previews and Twitter makes it easier to apply for verification. Read on for all the latest social media news.

6th August 2017


Mashable reported this month that Facebook has hit 2 billion users per month worldwide. That is huge milestone no other social network can boast. This followed shortly after the announcement that 1 billion people use Messenger monthly.

The social media community has been frantically seeking solutions since Facebook announced they would be disabling editing of link previews in a move to combat Fake News.

Facebook released further features for their Messenger Bots including quick replies, account linking and the use of rich media including GIFs, audio and video.

Further updates to the Facebook Graph API have added features including updates to Page Insights, Continuous Live Video for ongoing streams and Audience restrictions for Facebook Live.


Twitter this month announced a new process making it easier for brands to apply for a verification tick.

The form for verification

Twitter also announced changes to its Ad Manager including custom filters and metrics.

General News

A US wedding photographer has won a landmark court case this month after a public shaming and attack campaign tarnished her reputation online.

Buffer Social posted this great article on why social media is for branding and engagement, not traffic and revenue.

Facebook has shut down an artificial intelligence robot program after the robots began communicating with one another in their own language.

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