Social Media News – June 2017
Social Media News – June 2017

Social Media News - June 2017

Further privacy controls and accessibility options for Facebook, YouTube's new VR format and a new look for Twitter.

7th July 2017


Techcrunch reported on June 1st that Facebook has now added the ability to add any post or video to albums instead of just photos. This actually seems like a long overdue update allowing differing content to be collected into albums. These updates have been rolling out over the month but do not appear to have arrived on iOS just yet.

Techcrunch has reported on the addition of features for politicians and voters. These include, constituent badges and insights, district targeting and rep info.  It is unclear at this stage how much of this will be available to Australian users straight away.

Facebook has recently announced their Developer Circles Program. These circles are essentially communities for developers hosted by Facebook, but each individually managed by their members.

In a win for the deaf or hard of hearing community, Facebook announced on June 6th it would be rolling out closed captions for Facebook Live video.

Facebook also announced updates to its Safety Check features as well as launching Disaster Maps. The Disaster maps use de-identified broad scale data to educate and inform about current disasters while the updates to safety check add further descriptions for crisis’, the addition of personal notes and fundraising abilities.

Facebook also added further controls for privacy with  extra privacy options for display photos. This includes who can view, download, save or share your profile image. It also adds some protections against screenshots on mobile.


Twitter got a makeover! These changes include a typography and icon refresh as well as links opening in the in-app safari viewer and sidebar access to profiles, settings and privacy, If you haven’t seen the changes yet they are still rolling out to some users and platforms.

Twitter also added the ability to add buttons to Direct Messages. These buttons can prompt a user to follow the account, link to an external website, compose a tweet or whatever you choose.


In a move that has been a long time coming, Mashable reports that Instagram has added a feature to show when a post is #sponsored or an #ad.

Instagram has added an Archive section to profiles so users can archive certain posts without actually deleting them. This is sure to be useful for specific ad campaigns and time / event specific posting from brand accounts.

Users can now share their live video as a replay on Instagram Stories, once the live broadcast has finished.


Youtube has announced another VR format – VR180, a more focused and higher resolution VR solution with a smaller viewport.  They have also announced the launch of VR Studio, an LA based studio to help content creators churn out VR180 content for the platform.


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