Social Media News – June 2018
Social Media News – June 2018

Social Media News - June 2018

Teens leaving Facebook, brands cracking down on influencers and Instagram launches IGTV. Read on to see the latest social media news.

2nd July 2018


The Digital News Report has shown that young people are increasingly losing trust in Facebook and turning to WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms for their news. This is corroborated by further research from the Pew Institue that states Facebook usage for 13-17-year-olds is down 71% from three years ago. YouTube boasted the highest usage rate by teens in the study.

Facebook launches to compete with gaming stream giant Twitch.

Facebook’s controversial ‘trending’ feature has been removed.

Facebook has started testing a subscription model for groups, allowing users access to exclusive content.



Twitter has rolled out push notifications and further advancements to their live event coverage.



Instagram has hit the billion active user mark this month.

Instagram has launched IGTV, it’s longer form streaming area for users.



YouTube is launching a new Creative Suite to help marketers and video makers. It is focused on ‘delivering insights for brands.



Unilever has announced a crackdown on influencers using bots and buying likes. Other large companies and brands will surely follow suit.


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