Social Media News – March 2017
Social Media News – March 2017

Social Media News - March 2017

Facebook celebrates Messenger Day, big brands boycott YouTube advertising and Twitter is overhauling avatars. Read all the social media news from March.

4th April 2017


Facebook is ramping up its assault on Snapchat. The most recent mobile release puts stories front and centre in your mobile newsfeed and allows further options for Messenger’s filters. This coincides with the launch of Messenger Day. With 1 Billion active users worldwide on Messenger and Snapchat recently announcing it’s 158million active users daily, this really could be a battle of the two titans.


Another competitive venture Facebook has set up is it’s new Fundraisers feature which will allow users (not companies or brands) to set up fundraisers to which their friends can donate while scrolling through their feed. This is a bold move as Facebook continues it’s expansion into new territories following the success of Buy/Sell groups.

Facebook Native videos are shared 1055% times more than videos in other formats according to Quintly who analysed over 6 million Facebook posts in their research. Looks like it’s worth that extra uploading effort after-all!

Facebook has also announced it will now allow advertisers to place ads every 250 words instead of the previous 350 words in Facebook Instant Article. This continues the commitment to Facebook’s Journalism Project and is sure to entice further large news organisations.

According to Social Media News approx. 70% of Australians are regular Facebook users – this is a huge statistic when you consider this includes children and the elderly.



AT&T (American telecom giant), The Australian Government, McDonalds and Volkswagon are just some of the latest losses for YouTube (Google) as advertisers begin to pull their funding from YouTube in reaction to the matching of their advertising content with racist, sexist or similarly inappropriate content hosted on the site.

While this is happening,  YouTuber’s have also been dealt a large blow with the monetisation process and qualifications for videos being changed, largely without notice and without options for appeal. With videos by people such as Jenna Marbles no longer qualifying for monetisation what hope does that leave for the smaller fish?

On a positive note sure to have the masses rejoicing, YouTube has disclosed that it will end it’s much hated 30 second un-skippable ads next year. There will still be 5 and 15 second un-skippable ads, however the 30 and 60 second versions will allow skipping.



Twitter has become a battle ground for fringe groups, hate speech and ‘egg accounts’ (Accounts on which the profile picture is still the default egg and are often used to harass or troll other users or groups) and users have had enough. Since November Twitter has been making incremental changes to he help battle this however users were expecting a little more than an avatar overhaul. In it’s blog Twitter has explained it’s decision to overhaul the egg avatar and make it more human but this has been seen by most as too small a step and far too late. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Twitter also announced it will no longer notify users about replies to threads started by accounts they’ve blocked or muted. This only applies if those replies aren’t from people they already follow. This follows on from the recent changes to allow users to mute accounts or block tweets containing keywords.

To add fuel to the fire the University of Southern California has released a study stating that 9-15% of Twitter accounts are bots. This means that up to 48 million of Twitter’s 313 million active users aren’t real people which does not bode for the platforms user base stability with much discussion around it’s decline, contrary to Twitters announcement in February this year.



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