Social Media News – May 2017
Social Media News – May 2017

Social Media News - May 2017

Less #FakeNews on Facebook, more privacy options on Twitter and lots of creative additions on Instagram. Read on for all the latest social media news.

13th June 2017


Facebook Live has added two new features, Live With and Live Chat with Friends. The first, Live With, offers the opportunity to invite a friend (or colleague/business contact) to join you in a live stream. This offers some interesting opportunities for marketers, educators and business using Facebook Live. Live Chat with Friends does exactly what is says on the box – allowing users to invite friends to a private chat group on a live broadcast.

Facebook has announced further updates to Newsfeed to further reduce clickbait headlines and articles. These updates work on three levels; firstly, looking at domains and pages linked to, secondly, looking at the headline themselves to see how accurate they are and additionally adding further language support for these capabilities.

Facebook has also announced it will be rolling out a further update to reduce links to ‘low-quality web pages’. Facebook states they have reviewed hundreds of thousands of pages linked to from Facebook to identify what they call ‘low-quality web pages’ – these are pages ‘that contain little substantive content and large amounts of disruptive, shocking or malicious ads’. They then used AI to find further pages with these similar characteristics.


Mashable has reported that Twitter is now the pre-roll out home of the new 239 emojis due for release later this year. These include dinosaurs, lion, wizards, witches and vampires.

In a great move for customer service Twitter bots, Twitter has announced customisable Direct Message cards that offer the brand the chance to pre formulate DM’s responses from users. These can be used to feed bots to further guide customers.

Twitter has announced updates to their user privacy policy including the ‘Your Twitter Data’ tool which shows users information about their personal demographic and interest data gathering including which advertisers have included the user in their tailored audience on Twitter. Users can also turn on and off further personalisation data control such as personalised ads and location based personalisation.


Instagram has continued to add to it’s Stories feature with further additions to Location and hashtag abilities, Face Filters and the addition of Rewind and Eraser Brush.

TechCrunch has reported that Instagram is currently testing a new archive function allowing users to archive posts as opposed to deleting them permanently.

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