Social Media News in November
Social Media News in November

Social Media News in November

What’s been going on in the changing, shifting, reconfiguring social media landscape? Get on top of the big news from November with our monthly wrap.

2nd December 2016


We’re always looking for better ways to target paid content on Facebook, so the latest update to custom audiences is a welcome one. You are now able to target ‘everyone who engaged with your page’ – this includes everyone who visited your page, or engaged with your content or ads over the prior year. It’s a handy way of reaching back out to people who didn’t like your page at the time of engagement for whatever reason, and could otherwise be a lost audience.

Since 2014 Facebook has asserted itself as a way of keeping people connected in a crisis situation or natural disaster with Safety Check. In November a functionality update was announced for Safety Check, with the service now being turned on by the community, rather than Facebook itself. On top of these updates, Community Help will be launching in 2017 as a way for users to find shelter, food and supplies following natural disasters – and also to offer these resources to others.

Sometimes it can get a bit confusing managing your brand’s Facebook, Messenger and Instagram conversations natively, so now we can keep track of all of them in the same place – the Pages Manager App inbox. Helpful if you don’t want to use a third party management app, no big change for larger businesses that don’t monitor natively anyway.


Instagram’s content style is getting more and more in-the-moment! You can now stream live videos via Instagram Stories – they are only visible while you’re live, then the video disappears from the app.

Users may soon be able to shop straight from Instagram, as a beta test on tagged products rolls out. Shoppable images will have a little shopping bag logo in the bottom left corner, and price details tagged on the item.


They’ve copped criticism for not managing their troll problem for ages, but now Twitter’s finally rolling out a practical way to avoid seeing abuse other than just blocking users. This comes in the form of a customisable filter system to mute keywords, phrases, and whole conversations so you won’t even be notified. For those who are all too used to copping sexist, racist, and other -ist abuse this will surely be sweet relief.

And the US election…

Yup, we’re still recovering. While polls predicted an easy win for Hillary Clinton, a win for Donald Trump had been predicted months before voting day by social media analysts, trending higher in engagement and with more positive sentiment over the course of the campaign than Clinton. Though, this came as a surprise to those of us in a liberal social bubble. This just goes to show the importance of social media analytics during an election cycle!

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