Social Media News – November 2017

by Dan Stork November 30, 2017


In a landmark announcement, Facebook has revealed that users will have access to an anti-fake news tool by the end of the year. This tool will show users which links, pages or users they’ve interacted with are foreign propaganda. If you’re interested in Fake News and the response from big social media networks you can read all about it on our blog here.

Australia is one of four countries partnering with Facebook to reduce the sharing of revenge porn and other explicit images. Interestingly, Melbourne Uni Pursuit questions if the program is asking too much of victims. 

Digital Trends discusses Facebook’s stance that video is key, following on from the Facebook’s Q3 Earnings conference call.

A study has revealed that as little as 3 Facebook likes could allow advertisers, for the purposes of targeting, to tell if a user was gay or not. The study also showed it was simple to tell peoples, IQ’s, hobbies and smoking/drinking habits, even when this information wasn’t disclosed by the user.

Facebook has announced a new tool to help identify users at risk of suicide and send them relevant mental health information and resources. The tool uses AI to scan posts for potential risks and patterns in users posting history. The program has been running in the USA to date but will now be rolled out internationally with the exception of the EU, where privacy laws don’t allow for this technology.

In the less important but still interesting category, Facebook has announced it is working on a way to animate still profile images to ‘react’ when you ‘react’ to content on the platform.

Facebook Is Working on a Way to Automatically Animate Your Profile Image – and it’s a Little Weird | Social Media Today


After a developer stumbled across the code, Twitter has admitted it testing a feature allowing for longer tweet streams without the need for users to number their tweets. This follows on from the recent character increase to 280 for some users and the announcement allowing users to use up to 50characters in their display names. Finally, Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg can get a Twitter account!

Twitter has also been left red-faced as a ‘bug’ meant words including gay and bisexual showed no search results on the platform. Endgaget has more info including the response from twitter here.


The platform has begun testing with some users able to follow hashtags instead of just accounts.

An update to Stories now means users can post older photos to their stories and not just those taken within the last 24hrs.


According to Endgaget, YouTube is ending those pesky mid video pop up ads due to a low response rate from users.