Social Media News – September 2017

by Dan Stork October 3, 2017


Instagram stories are now available on Facebook desktop. This is just another move in the unification of Facebook and Instagram and an obvious move against Snapchat.

As part of National Blood Donor Day, Facebook users in India can now sign up to donate blood on Facebook. This will then be shown in their News Feed.



In colossal news, Twitter announced the doubling of the character limit for some users on the platform. This is something that has been teased and discussed for a long time, with many publications saying it’s a desperate move from an ageing platform.



New tools for users offer further control over ‘safety and kindness’ have been added to Instagram. This includes further commenting control and the ability to report live videos anonymously.

Further expansion to the Branded Content Tools offered on Facebook and Instagram includes the addition of tagging partnered brands in stories and posts as well as shared metrics.



Belle Gibson fined $410,00 after building her online ‘wellness’ business on falsified claims of having suffered cancer.