Happy Star Wars Day, Again!

by Danielle Schwerin May 5, 2017

Thanks to time zones, we get 48 hours of this awesome holiday, and we’re taking advantage by pointing out some of the things we failed to notice yesterday.

Given our second chance at this, we’ve decided to honour the 40 years of inspiration, entertainment and geekiness of Star Wars by adding to yesterday’s 14 contributions available here, to complete our 40 favourite social media contributions:

  1. You may recall that yesterday we linked to a post from Twitter user @Electric_Leaf who couldn’t understand why we were all celebrating early…. Well, this post is kinda the perfect apology for forgetting us:


  1. Sesame Street won the throwback Thursday game with this post taken from a 1980’s cross promotion for Empire:


  1. One of the other sorts of geeks, the motorsport world, couldn’t resist joining the fun and games. One of the world’s most well known tracks, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway took a break from busily promoting the upcoming Indy 500 to post this series of photos taken with Star Wars fan groups The 501st Legion and The Rebel Legion:

  1. Trusted Reviews posted many items throughout the day, but this is our favourite (because it’s an Australian treasure):

  1. NASA was one with the Force, and the Force was with them as they used the opportunity to educate while amusing with this collection of awesome posts:

NASA’s family of pages also joined the fun with these contributions:

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft

  1. CSIRO joined NASA is its Galaxy far far away exploring education with this entry

  1. Just as we loved yesterday’s Twitter exchange between @AuSenate and @AboutTheHouse, we couldn’t resist this one from the US Federal Aviation Administration:

  1. We aren’t sure that we actually wanted the Death Star to survive, but kudos to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for working out how to stop its destruction:

  1. Jimmy Fallon, inventor of Lip Sync Battles, sure loves to sing. So for Star Wars he brought us this All Star mash up

  1. R U OK DAY brought us this little on theme reminder to take care of one another:

  1. Architizer decided to make the profession of architecture look a little sexy, with some cross sections of famous Star Wars buildings here:

  1. Ansell decided to remind us that this whole saga could have been avoided if young Anakin had just made use of some of their product:

  1. Community group The Geek Strikes Back, put up this grandfather and grandson cosplay effort:

  1. The MLB had some imagery of the Dark Side dancing with the Jedi here:

  1. Telfast reminded hayfever sufferers that pollen is just about as evil as we all thought it was:

  1. The Climate Council brought us this awesome video piece on the energy revolution, called Stuck on the Darkside:

To finish of the list, here are our favourite 10 contributions from the Star Wars cast, crew and characters:

  1. @HammillHimself decided pranking fans was the order of the day, as part of the ongoing Omaze Star Wars fundraiser:

  1. Disney, owner of Star Wars, participated in many ways this year, but we just loved the reuse of this old piece of footage in a new way:

  1. Daisy Ridley, better known as Rey, decided to remind us that we should pay attention with this tweet:

  1. The Death Star PR department sure know how to put a positive spin on just about anything, this was their post for #StarWarsDay:

  1. Star Wars themselves released some new iMessage stickers for the day, announced on Twitter of all places:

  1. Emperor Palpatine got a little poetic with his politics:

  1. Star Wars PR apparently found themselves in detention:

  1. BB8 was as adorable as ever, posting a little animated short of himself:

  1. Our beloved Disney Princess @leiaorganasolo reminded us why she fell in love with Han Solo:

  1. Last but by no means least. Billy Lourd has make and finish off the list, because her Instagram tribute to her recently departed mother just about broke this community manager’s heart *engage uncivilised tears now*:

And there’s still a few more hours of this holiday left…