May the 4th be with you today and always!

by Danielle Schwerin May 4, 2017

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or in a self-imposed social media blackout, you’ve probably noticed that May the 4th is a celebrated (un)official holiday by Star Wars aficionados the world over. It has over the years grown larger and larger, particularly since Lucasfilm started development for the third trilogy of the Skywalker family saga.

2017 being the 40th anniversary of the release of the first movie from the world’s largest franchise (A New Hope), there is a lot of activity planned this year – which last month the Star Wars fandom kicked off in great style with Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

Forty years makes this kind of a “Go big or go home” moment for Star Wars Day. Which leads us to this list of the best of Star Wars Day social. We’re starting with these 10 excellent contributions from brands, in no particular Order (pun intended):


  1. Under the category of go big or go home comes Lego Australia and the Brick Builders contribution, which also includes an in real life project at Sydney’s Warringah Mall:
  2. NSW Ambulance were on their game this morning, with their tribute to the recently departed Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) on both Facebook and Twitter:
  3. NSW Police continued their ongoing anti-speeding campaign with this on theme and on brand message:
  4. Across the pond, The New Zealand Fire Service apparently put the Dark Side to work, for once saving the galaxy instead of shooting it up:
  5. It’s graduating time at University of Technology Sydney, and they were putting their smarts to use with this graduation pic:
  6. Mega Music from Perth, joined in on the game with this musical contribution, helping boost the GoFundMe of band Galactic Empire here:
  7. This post went live on Monday, but as it offers Star Wars tasty goodness, we couldn’t pass up the pun that is Return of the Chedi:
  8. Also going big or going home are Channel 10 with their Star Wars themed edition of Family Feud airing tonight, and winning the promotion wars as the official Star Wars and Disney pages shared this around:

And the final two entries have to go to Australia’s two conventions of geek:

  1. Oz Comic-Con made use of all that cosplay that goes on at its events for this image:

  1. Supanova Pop Culture Expo decided to recap all the events around the nation that the Star Wars fanatics in their community might need to know about:

Social media is about more than selling things, it’s about community, so here are our favourite non-brand contributions:

  1. The animal rescue community Life of Pikelet has built quite the Facebook following. This contribution is a repeat post, but it never fails to impress with its cute factor:

  1. For forgetting the whole International Date Line thing, this tweet also produced a few laughs from Australian and New Zealand users:

  1. This exchange between the official (and verified) accounts of the Australian Senate and Australian House of Representatives could only have happened here in Australia:

  1. Online graphic artist collective, Deviant Art encouraged its community to unleash their inner Jedi, sharing their fan art in this post:

And, because it’s their day, we’re gonna let Star Wars themselves sign-off this post


The fun isn’t over, read on for more of our favourite Star Wars Day posts