Swarm conference for online community managers – event wrap

by Julie Delaforce October 30, 2013
swarm co-founders Venessa Paech and Alison Michalk open swarm 2013.

The third annual swarm conference for online community managers was held last month in Sydney. There was an incredible diversity of speakers including, but certainly not limited to:

Now that the buzz created by swarm has worn down a little and you’re not sure how you’ll survive another 11 months until the next one, we thought we’d pull together a roundup of a few articles that came out of the event to keep you going a while longer:

Swarm organisers Alison Michalk and Venessa Paech pulled off another amazing event, here’s just some of the lovely feedback that was received:

“In my opinion, SWARM is by far the best online community management conference available in Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the speakers and appreciated how varied they were in their backgrounds. As a social media marketer, it was nice to take a step back and go back to the roots of community management, drawing similarities between the communities formed in the Woodstock era and the communities formed on a branded Facebook page today was definitely a highlight. I also really enjoyed meeting some online friends in real life, there was plenty of time for networking and listening to the stories and experiences of other attendees. I will definitely be attending SWARM next year, and encouraging all my industry colleagues to do the same.”
Annabel Brown, Social Media Manager , Coca-Cola South Pacific.

“Swarm 2013 is by far the best social media conference I have ever attended. It managed to achieve what no other conference has achieved – the perfect marriage of exciting speakers, interesting and relevant topics, scope for asking questions and having discussions, attracting attendees who are flourishing in the industry, networking opportunities, and the flexibility to choose workshops on the second day – I could go on! The organisers went the extra mile in every way possible, even having a special coffee stall with unlimited coffees made for attendees by a barista! This greatly helped with both concentration levels and networking! I feel honoured to have been part of Swarm 2013 and have recommended to the digital and social media sections in my organisation telling them if they go to only one conference next year, it better be Swarm! It was an absolute thrill to hear talks by the founder of the world’s first online community, John Coates, FeverBee’s Richard Millington (how thoughtful of the organisers to give us a copy of his book – I can’t wait to read mine). I also loved being able to discuss challenges, obstacles and successes with others doing the same work as me, but at different organisations. Keep up the high calibre work Swarm! What a resounding success!”
Gina Menos, Social Media Advisor, Australian Federal Government. 

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Panellists: Alison Michalk, Keith Crowell, John Coate and Venessa Paech