Danielle Schwerin

Community Manager

Meet Danielle Schwerin

Danielle is a career communicator and avid believer in the two-way-conversation between organisations and their communities – currently being facilitated by the social media platforms and online communities that have become part of our everyday lives.

She has worked both in-house and for agencies – across a wide variety of industries including science, technology, agriculture, the environment, health and mental health, finance, government, not-for-profit, transportation, manufacturing and mining – which has provided her a unique understanding of how to strategically communicate with and engage a variety of audiences.

Her communications skills include the development of strategic multi-channel communications programs, social media content development, managing social media communities, designing and implementing successful stakeholder engagement plans for both internal and external audiences, counselling executives on communications and engagement, media management, communications evaluation and reporting, and working with various website content management platforms.

For Quiip, Danielle enjoys working with our health and mental health clients to build and maintain their social communities, promoting brands with a friendly and positive voice.

Meet the team

Alison Michalk


I'm the CEO and Founder of Quiip, a global leader in online community management and moderation services.

Julie Delaforce

General Manager

I'm a specialist in social media and online community, and I make sure everything is better than expected.

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I love working with communities full of passionate fans, who are completely engaged and switched on.

Lani Bagley

Community Manager

I'm a social media and community manager, copywriter, and online content creator.

Danielle Schwerin

Community Manager

I am a career communicator and avid believer in the two-way-conversation between organisations and their communities.

Jay Batten

Senior Community Manager

I constantly strive to achieve, and love learning, mentoring and educating others about all things social media.