2018 Gift Ideas for Community Managers

by Erin Tierney October 25, 2018

It’s two months until Christmas and while the rest of the country starts to wind down to enjoy the Christmas break, community and social media managers are preparing for one of the busiest times of the year. In 2015 and 2016 we suggested a range of gifts to say thank you to your online team, and this year we have some more!

  • Step it up!  

It’s so easy to sit at your computer for hours on end responding to people online, but with a fitness wearable, such as a Fitbit, not only are you encouraging your team to make sure they spend time on their feet, but you can set it to remind you to walk if you’ve remained stationary for a certain amount of time. You can even create your own Workweek Hustle like we have!

  • B.OK Box

This is nifty wellness box is the gift that just keeps giving! Providing the recipient with over 63 days of wellness, self-care and growth – you’ll be investing in the health and wellbeing of your team!

  • Relaxing goodies that smell good!

Everyone likes some downtime, no more than your online team. To help them really turn off, we love these packs from Lush – which smell delicious, 100% vegetarian, support ethical purchasing and help fight against animal testing.

  • This time, you DO want socks

They say happiness is a good pair of socks, and nothing beats Bombas – a favourite of ours. Not only are they a fellow BCorp, but with every purchase of a pair of socks, they’ll give someone in need a pair. They are based in the US and have a flat-rate shipping fee to Australia so we suggest buying in bulk!

  • Helpful Laptop Sleeves

Online teams regularly have to work from all locations (including from the Christmas dinner table), so what better way to say thank you with a sustainable laptop sleeve? This one from Melbourne-based Bellroy is not only made of premium leather but also helps support better lives for humans and animals through donating to altruistic organsations.

  • Community Manager Fuel!

Coffee makes the world go round, and certainly fuels community and social media managers! We love 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters – they are a fellow B Corp who have built a sustainable supply chain, share benefits and support their coffee growers. Plus, they have an incredible selection of flavours! If you’re into tea – try Monteville Coffee, and if you’re looking for something a little more celebratory – we recommend 4 Pines or Stone & Wood.

  • Keep hydrated

To go along with your drinks, you need an awesome container to drink out of, and a Keepcup or a Memobottle is this year’s community manager must-have accessory!

  • Experience something different

Why not treat your entire team to an awesome experience such as hot-air ballooning, learning how to make dumplings or taking turns in a “break room? Experiences will not only say thank you for the awesome job that they’ve been doing but will help strengthen the team bond outside of the work environment.

  • Get your green thumb on

Greenery, chocolate and tea – what more do you need? We love this cute hamper by Gift Boss which helps you start a garden, keep your green thumbs clean and relax!

  • Write it down!

Everyone loves beautiful stationary right? We’re totally lusting after these notebooks that are eco-friendly and made entirely from environmentally responsible sources from Notely. Check out the artist collection for items that will instantly beautify your workspace!