9 Quiip tips for working from home

by Larah Kennedy October 14, 2015

Quiip is made up of a remote team of community managers working from home offices, cafes, and co-working spaces across Australia and the rest of the world. With such a distributed team, we’ve come across some great ways to ensure we get the job done in the most efficient way.

1. Show your inbox who’s boss. Set aside 20 minutes three or fours times throughout the day to check and action emails. Turn your email notifications off and don’t check your email outside those designated times. If something is so important that it can’t wait a few hours, you should get a phone call.

2. Move. Sitting at a desk all day has a physical toll, so it’s important to take regular breaks to counteract the damage your desk job might be doing to you. Set yourself an alarm and get up and go for a walk or do a little deskercise.

3. Stay hydrated. Keep a big bottle of water on your desk and sip frequently. Not only is this good for your health, but you’ll be forced to get up, and move your body when you are busting for the toilet.

4. Take five. There’s nothing worse than trying to slug it out when you’re not in the zone. Rather than trying to push through a mental block, take a break! Make yourself a cuppa, get outside, and get some sunshine. Spend 5-10 minutes meditating or even just step away and put on a load of washing. Whatever it is, make sure you step away from the computer. A 5-minute break checking Instagram doesn’t count!

5. Shift your work day. Figure out if you are a morning person or an evening person, and structure your work day around when you are most productive.

6. Remove your distractions. If you find yourself getting sucked into the mobile phone ether or getting interrupted by constant notifications and messages, move your phone into another area of the house while you tick off an important task.

7. Play ambient noise. Research shows that ambient noise can be great for getting in the zone and improving focus. Our favourites are Zen Cast for when we want to be lulled by the sounds of nature and Coffitivity for bringing the comforting murmur of cafe noise into your home office.

8. Set the scene. Creating a space that you want to work in is important when you are working from home, so spend a little time surrounding yourself with things that are pleasing to the eye. Research also shows that scents can help you focus and work better, so invest in some room spray or a good scented candle.

9. Get stuff done. Find the apps or tools that help you be your most productive. This might be as simple as a good old school notebook and pen or using some of the great online productivity tools such as Todoist and Evernote.


Read on for 5 more Quiip tips for working from home.


Have you got any tips to add to the list? How do you stay focused when working remotely?