Community management links round up 01/08/16

by Lauren Piro August 1, 2016

Here are some great community management articles we read last in the past fortnight.

How to Tap Into the Olympic Games-Related Discussion Without Annoying the IOC
By Andrew Hutchinson via Social Media Today.

Rio will be the word on everyone’s lips in the coming weeks, but the IOC are notoriously protective over the Olympic brand. Here are some tips on how your organisation can enter the discussion without legal ramifications.

The Wikipedia Effect: Why People Volunteer
By Molly Talbert via Higher Logic.

What motivates people to volunteer for an online community and what do they get out of the experience? Here’s a great case study from the Wikipedia community.

View from the Top: Executive Perspectives on Community
By Rachel Happe via The Community Roundtable.

C-level executives are more aware than ever on the value of community. Now the focus is on sharing our understanding of how communities are built and what quantifies success.

The Simple 3-Step Model for Measuring Community
By David Spinks via CMX Hub.

Measuring the value of a community presents one of the most common challenges for an organisation. Here is how to use your data to tell the story of your business objectives.

The Case for Not Growing Your Social Media Numbers This Year
By Rachel Beaney.

At what point does growth and output simply become a vanity metric? Bigger is not always better, especially when it’s at the expense of fostering community relationships.

#RepresentationMatters, Your Guide to Inclusive Marketing
By Jessica Fish via Leader Networks.

We’ve discussed the importance of inclusive communities before, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that some brands are just not getting the message.

Mid-Year Australian Facebook Performance Report 2016
By Lucio Ribeiro via Online Circle Digital.

Searching for social media benchmarking data relevant to Australian markets? They can be tough to find, so it’s exciting to read Online Circle’s latest Facebook performance report.

Social Code: The Brand As A Village
By Patrick Hanlon via Brand Quarterly.

Whether you call it a village, a community or a social code – understanding how it works is vital to the future of your brand.


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