Community management links round up 26/10/16

by Lauren Piro October 26, 2016

Here are some great community management articles we read last over the past month.

Should You Move Your Community To Slack?
By Rich Millington via Feverbee.

Slack is great for participation and a sense of community, but it has some drawbacks when compared to more traditional forums.

Why the 90-9-1 rule works: inequality and community engagement
By Dr John May via Bang the Table.

You may have recognised to 90-9-1 pattern of participation in your community, but why does it happen and can we change it?

Crowds, Collaborations and Communities: Which One Are You Building?
By David Spinks via CMX Hub.

Another useful way of thinking about participation is the three c’s and the value that each tier provides.

5 Questions to Consider When Choosing an Online Community Platform
By Alison Michalk via Quiip.

The platform you choose for your online community will provide the basis for facilitating connections.

The Power of Pseudonyms in an Online Community
By Molly Talbert via Higher Logic.

There’s a middle ground between anonymity and “real” identities that may allow for honest participation while curbing bad behaviour.

7 Key Trends in Online B2B Customer Communities
By Vanessa DiMauro via Leader Networks.

If you manage a B2B community, you’ll want to pay close attention to the data and emerging trends in this report.

Beyond Ideas: Building Open Innovation Communities
By Bill Johnston via Structure3C.

What do you do with an “Open Innovation” or product community once you’ve finished soliciting ideas?

Should You Censor Your Online Community?
By Alok Chowdhury via Vanilla.

While encouraging debate is healthy, it is your community and you determine what behaviour is acceptable within it.

From the distributed workforce to the partnered economy
By Ajay Chopra via TechCrunch.

The business world is shifting towards partnership economies, and with it comes the need for new communication platforms.

From Everyday User to Community Expert
By Caitlin Zucal via Business2Community.

How do casual community members level up to become experts? By listening, learning and engaging.

We Fought the Comment Spam (and the Comment Spam Didn’t Win)
By Felicia Crawford via Moz.

It turns out that a little proactive community management can help stop the spammers!

How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75%
By Kashmir Hill via Fusion.

A big step in maintaining an inclusive community is recognising racial bias, and finding a solution to eliminate it.

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