Community management links round up 03/02/16

by Lauren Piro February 3, 2016

Here are some great community management articles we read last in the past fortnight.

It’s Time to Thank Your Community Manager
by Matthew Brodsky via CMS Wire

In case you missed it, January 25 was Community Manager Appreciation Day! Here’s how it started, what it means and what you can do to show appreciation for your CM.

Launching a new online community? Track these metrics
by Sarah Stokely via Quiip

We outline key metrics to gauge whether your community is growing and help identify which areas might need to improve.

Don’t Make Your Forum Into a Fortress
by Patrick Groome via Vanilla

Looking to increase engagement and user registrations within your community? You may be turning people off with walls, gated content and long sign ups.

5 Things I Thought I Knew About Community Management…But Didn’t
by Georgina Cannie via The Community Roundtable

Community Roundtable busts the common myths and preconceptions about what community management work involves. Spoiler alert: It’s not sitting on chat boards all day!

Why You Should Pay More Attention To Periscope And Other Live Streaming Apps
by Jessica Malnik

Live streaming mobile apps are on the rise and set to play a bigger role in social media in the future. How can online communities incorporate live video in a way that strengthens connections?

Communities are the future of management
by Venessa Paech

A preview into the Pausefest master class on distributed leadership, hosted by Venessa and Quiip’s own Alison Michalk. Learn how community is a leadership discipline and what this means for the future of organisations.

Quick Tip: The Pros and Cons of Using Community Groups
by Rosemary O’Neill via Social Strata

A primer on when is it appropriate to use groups and sub-groups within a larger community, and what the potential benefits are.

3 Simple Rules for Participating in Our Community
by Sherrie Rohde via My Community Manager

In the latest #CMGRHangout, the team discussed community policies, why they matter, and how to start creating them.

Successful Community Managers Share the Secrets of Their Trade
by Juliet Carnoy via Marketing Profs

Four professionals demystify their roles and what it means to manage a dynamic, living community.

Are there any other great stories about Community Management that we missed? Add them in the comments.