Community management links round up 29/02/16

by Lauren Piro February 29, 2016

Here are some great community management articles we read last in the past fortnight.

Managing your online community for inclusion
By Sarah Stokely via Quiip

As a supplementary to Quiip’s support for marriage equality in Australia, we have compiled some tips to help ensure your community is inclusive, safe and represented by diverse voices.

Day in the life: How Birchbox’s community manager responds to 200 customers a day
By Hilary Milnes via Digiday

Community Managers often work alone, so it’s a treat to stickybeak through our colleagues’ daily routines to see how we might improve our own processes or discover common issues – like not clocking off until bedtime!

Kindness Always Wins: 5 Ways to Handle Confrontation Within Your Online Community
By Emily Logan via NTEN

When properly managed, conflict can actually be healthy for an online community. Here is an important reminder on how to comport yourself and communicate effectively with both the dissenting parties and the community as a whole.

Google Analytics Guide for Community Managers
By Adrian Speyer via Vanilla

Not yet au fait with Google Analytics, or have yet to utilise the data for your community? This is a great platform-neutral guide to read through.

Managing and Scaling a Team of Volunteer Community Moderators
By Jessica Malnik

If your community is large or your resources are small, you may need to consider volunteer moderators. Learn from the trial and error of two long-term community professionals on how to assemble and manage your squad.

Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask
By Bill Johnston via Structure3C

The view of your members is the most important lens to apply to your community strategy and development. An investment in member research is crucial when planning new community initiatives.

How to Become a World-Class Community Professional for $0
By Patrick O’Keefe via ManagingCommunities

When you’re learning the ropes of community management, free resources (*cough* Quiip Blog *cough*) are a readily accessible way to dive into both fundamentals and discussions of nuance.

Contextual Communities: Why Young People are Straying from Traditional Social Media in Search of More Authentic Connections
By Manho Won via Social Media Today

Everything old is new again! This article suggests that interest based communities are offering young people a more authentic connection than other social media platforms.

Are there any other great stories about Community Management that we missed? Add them in the comments.