Community Manager Advancement Day 2020

by Alison Michalk January 27, 2020

January 27 is Community Manager Advancement Day (formerly known as Community Manager Appreciation Day).

The theme for CMAD 2020 is self-care, something we take very seriously at Quiip.

Community managers who work on the front lines of digital spaces (particularly in social media) are responsible for keeping those spaces healthy, safe and productive. This can be exhausting, crushing work, and, like the internet, it never sleeps. The toxicity of social media is a hard tide to hold back.

Community managers often work alone within an organisation and can be subject to unfair or unreasonable demands to be “always-on”. Add to this a community professionals duty of care to their members, and you have a recipe for burn-out, overwork, industry churn, and significant wellbeing concerns.

Many of our clients at Quiip are businesses that understand these challenges and want to give their in-house community managers a sorely deserved break. If you don’t have a healthy community manager, you won’t have a healthy community. So it’s in everyone’s interests to invest in building healthy, sustainable community manager practices.

At Quiip we train our community managers in a gamut of mental health and wellbeing techniques and practices (which they use with their communities as well as apply individually).

We provide access to counseling and coaching whenever they need it, and our radical flexibility allows them to work holistically.

While it can’t solve all the issues out there, working this way ensures our community professionals can operate sustainably at the top of their game, while showing doubters that this approach isn’t just doable, it’s better for business.

I want to thank our amazing community managers at Quiip for everything they do, and in particular, the care and compassion with which they approach their work.

Our whole team at Quiip wants to pay respects to our peers around the world this CMAD for the work they do in nurturing relationships and building quality social cultures.

If you have a community manager working in your business or organisation, take a moment this week to buy them a coffee and learn a little more about what they do. And if you want to chat about how we do things to learn more, reach out anytime.

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