Free design tools for social media

by Dan Stork November 23, 2017

Fancy tools for design and content are terrific, but often too expensive for smaller companies and creatives.

We have compiled the list below to help you get creative on a budget.

Design tools

Canva is a wonderful all in one design platform that can be used for free. It offers awesome design templates, pre-made drag and drop visual elements and strong colour palettes. However, If you want to upload custom fonts or build your brand palette you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.


Gimp is a downloadable app for Mac and is a strong contender to Canva.  This is the closest you’re going to get to Adobe Photoshop without the budget! It’s completely free and has a really strong user community for support, tutorials and troubleshooting.

GoogleDraw is Google’s offering to the market and allows for really easy wireframing and idea sketching. It doesn’t have the same features as Gimp or Canva but is a very robust tool none the less. is an excellent tool for building quick and beautiful charts or maps to help visualise data. One of the most exciting offerings with is that charts can be interactive.  While offers great free features you might still want to consider using the paid version to ensure the colours match your brand’s palette.


Placeit is the simplest way to make quick and easy mockups to showcase how your design will look in-situ.

Chartistic and Assembly are great apps for mobile users to create simple charts, graphs and designs quickly on the go.



Facebook Creative Hub allows you to create mock ups for Facebook or Instagram ads and test it in situ on different devices.

Stock images

Everyone wants great stock images but it’s expensive to have multiple subscriptions to stock sites. The links below are all free or attribution based and tend to have more interesting images than generic stock sites.

What are your go to design tools for social media?