Quiip’s favourite Australian #censusfail posts

by Julie Delaforce August 10, 2016

If you’re Australian you can’t have missed the #censusfail story. I know this because my Facebook feed is filled with comments by friends who wouldn’t normally pick up on trending items. Just in case you did miss it, social media posts and news stories are readily available.

I won’t comment on the fail itself, there’s plenty of comment on it already and more to come over the next 24 hours. Instead I’ll share Quiip’s favourite Australian #censusfail posts, a compilation from our team.

1. Well seems the census brought us all to a consensus that the government really didn’t use their senses. ‪#‎censusfail‬
Katrina James, Facebook.

2. Oops, somebody tripped on the cord…
@servantofchaos, Gavin Heaton, Instagram.

Don’t worry folks I found the problem @abscensus #censusfail

A photo posted by Gavin Heaton (@servantofchaos) on


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3. For those who are a little tech-savvy the claims of ‘hacking’ were never believable.
Joseph B, Twitter. Hat tip to Quiipee, Danielle.

4. Nobody can resist an IT Crowd reference at a time like this, not even ABC News.
ABC News, Twitter. Hat tip to Quiipee, Erin.

5. ABC News have really been on a roll with the memes.
ABC News, Twitter. Hat tip to Quiipee, Rachel.

6. When all else fails and blame needs to be laid, there’s only one answer…
The Opinionater, Twitter. Hat-tip to Quiipee, Erin.

7. Oh, the irony.
SBS Comedy, Twitter. Hat tip to Quiipee, Rachel

8. Oww, my refresh finger hurts!
Cartoons by Ardeet.

9. Calling it now: ‘404 Not Found’ will probably out pace ‘Jedi’ as whacky answer to religion on tonight’s census.
Hingers, Josh Hing, Twitter

10. Why didn’t @ABSCensus plan a fail whale of sorts for our entertainment?
Craig Buchanan, Twitter. Hat tip to Quiipee, Erin.

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