Quiip is now carbon neutral

by Amber Robinson November 26, 2020

At Quiip we’ve always believed in the power of business for good. Last year, we joined over 700 B Corporations around the world in publicly committing to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions leading to net zero by the year 2030—20 years ahead of the 2050 targets set in the Paris Agreement.

We’re pleased to announce a new milestone on our journey to Netzero – we’re officially carbon neutral! This status was achieved with the help of Pathzero, a visionary Australian start-up who have created a self-serve emissions management platform that has been designed to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to measure their carbon footprint, reduce their impact and share their carbon neutrality with confidence.

As an entirely distributed company, we had to calculate the carbon emissions of our home offices as well as our business activities, web hosting and travel. It turns out that a majority of our staff were already using green power in their homes, creating a lower carbon footprint.

Quiip CEO Alison Michalk says, ‘”Our carbon neutral achievement is a great first step towards our ambitions to reach NetZero 2030. The leadership and systems change being led by hundreds of companies within the B Corp movement continues to inspire us, knowing we are one of many committed to doing business better.”Quiip’s emissions will be offset through EcoAustralia, who blend carbon credits with biodiversity protection. Our chosen carbon offset project is located at Mount Sandy in South Australia.

Located on the traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people, Traditional Custodians of the Coorong, Mount Sandy is a rare pocket of intact native vegetation in a region now dominated by farmlands. The project site features a mix of coastal shrublands and saline swamplands that provide strategic habitat for iconic native wildlife, such as the short-beaked echidna, purple-gaped honeyeater and elegant parrot. Project management itself is made possible through close collaboration with local Ngarrindjeri Elders who oversee the ongoing management and conservation of vegetation at the site.

The Mount Sandy project ensures permanent protection for a regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land in partnership with its Traditional Owners. Local birds, animals and plants flourish undisturbed, while native plants for revegetation will be supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, a self-governed Indigenous community. Raukkan community members are also employed for onsite works including vegetation monitoring and mapping, fencing, and pest and weed control.

While we’re thrilled to achieve carbon neutral status and working with a fantastic carbon offset project, this is just the beginning. B Corporations strive to achieve net-positive environmental impact, so eventually we’d like our emissions to be zero. We will also be launching an Environmental Management System (EMS) process internally, to help achieve this ambitious goal.

Get involved
If you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint, choosing green or solar power is one of the most powerful lifestyle choices you can make for the environment – whether you’re an individual or a business.

If you’re ready to be certified Carbon Neutral, we recommend speaking with Pathzero about the process.

Finally – why just stop at environmental impact? Be the change you wish to seek in the world by considering B Corp certification and committing to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Visit B Corporation Australia for more information.