Quiip nominated for B&T People & Culture award

by Amber Robinson September 25, 2019

It’s official! working at Quiip is awesome.

We’re pleased to announce that Quiip has been nominated for a People and Culture award by B & T for the second year running. Pretty impressive for a small team who work remotely and don’t share a physical office, right?

Our CEO, Alison Michalk, knows culture is core to Quiip’s success. It helps that as community managers we know how to cultivate and nurture a sense of community and belonging — it’s one of the key components of successful online communities.

Turns out you don’t need Friday beer pong to make for an awesome workplace culture. Here’s some ways Quiip celebrates people and nurtures culture – driven by our passionate People and Culture team lead, Lauren Piro.

Business for good

Organisations around the world have realised that to be an employer of choice these days, it’s important to have values which align with those of potential employees.

Now more than ever, the concept of purpose in our work lives has become increasingly important. We want to do work that matters, and that makes a difference in the world.

At Quiip, we think that social responsibility and economic sustainability are just as important as the bottom line. We’ve long believed that companies can impact change, which is why we worked hard to become certified as a B Corporation.

B Corp recognises businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Think of it as the sustainable business version of Fair Trade coffee.

We have also adopted a pro-bono purpose project that gives our team financial support to volunteer their skills and time for a non-profit or purpose-led organisation during the year (we also match monetary donations to preferred charities).

Radical flexibility

As our CEO Alison has perfectly put it, flexibility isn’t starting at 9:30am on Wednesdays.

As a 24/7 community management solutions provider, with staff based across different time zones, flexible work is in our DNA.

Quiip is a “results oriented work environment” (ROWE), which is to say team members use their natural state of workflow and schedule to optimise when is best to work for us, around the rest of their life needs and commitments. What we do matters, not when or where we do it.


Cloud tools are vital for us to manage projects, and make collaborative business decisions. We also use them to know each other socially and recognise outstanding work by team members (we build online community, which makes sense for us). Recognition also takes place via direct communication from team leads and thoughtful gifts and bonuses recognising long-term contribution to the business.

Face-to-face time is important too. That’s why each year we fly our entire Australian-based team somewhere sunny for a few days. It’s a chance to wriggle our toes in the sand while getting some face-to-face time with our teammates, share skills or knowledge, and look at what lies ahead as a company.


We talk a lot about mental health and resilience for good reason.

Community managers are often digital first responders to serious issues, and this work can sometimes leave people feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.

As well as doing our best to ensure employees feel supported by their team leads, particularly during a crises, we offer professional counselling services to all staff who require it, no questions asked.


Working from home is great, but unless you’re naturally motivated, it’s easy to become a couch potato. Recognising the importance of physical health to productivity and mental health, Quiip offers all staff a free fitness tracking device, with optional, weekly team challenges to keep those steps up.

These are just a handful of the initiatives we think make Quiip an awesome place to work.

For more about the benefits of working for us, check out our jobs page.

B & T Awards will be announced on Friday November 22, 2019