Top reads to celebrate Safer Internet Day

by Erin Tierney February 4, 2019

Did you know that it’s Safer Internet Day on the 5th of February? We all agree that the internet should be a safer and more welcoming space. In fact, brands should be responsible for leading the way in creating these safer online spaces, through active community management and also being aware of your own team’s wellbeing in working online.

Below is a wrap-up of our top blog posts which will help you to lead the way in creating a safer internet experience for your community.


  • Are you including diversity in your social media presence?
    Inclusion is a big step towards making the internet a safer space for everyone and as guest author, Margot Alais explains in her post, diverse representation and inclusive imagery extends a warm, long-awaited hug to the minority identities out there, and truly represents what society looks like in real life. 
  • Fifteen tips for distressed people online
    Quiip’s CEO Alison Michalk explains how, even though your brand may not be high risk, due to the nature of 
    social media, it’s very likely that you’ll come across distressing content in your forays online. But how do you help someone who has reached out? It’s important you’re prepared and have already thought the steps you can take. Follow the tips we provide to make sure you’re ready to help people in distress. 
  • Psychological qualities of trolls and how to handle them
    There are people out there who just want to cause harm and hurt people. Before you think about responding to troll-like behaviour, take a minute to evaluate the goals of the person posting and whether you should respond, hide or delete their post.
  • How to help your team start a self-care practice
    A safer internet begins with the people who are working in it on a day-to-day basis. When you create a positive environment for mental well-being, your team will be more productive, happier and healthier in responding to your audience or community.

And finally, because we know that the internet does use its powers for good instead of evil: 6 times the internet made the world a better place.