Social Media News – May 2018

by Dan Stork June 5, 2018


Mark Zuckerberg has announced further privacy and user changes to Facebook, including a “Trust” feature allowing users to wipe their data from Facebook in the same way one deletes browser cookies.

A comprehensive guide to all changes announced at F8 has been compiled by TechCrunch here, including re-opening of App Reviews.

Further updates to Groups include new controls for Admins and free access to customer service.



Instagram has quietly rolled out the ability to add payment details to the app for some users.

A ‘mute’ feature has no been added so users can choose to hide certain friends from their Instagram feed.



Snapchat shares have fallen 15% as Q1 growth has slowed to just 2.13%, their lowest figure ever.

Updates to location sharing have made it possible for users to stop broadcasting their location to friends at all times.

Snapchat has announced it is preparing its own developer platform, SnapKit.



A team at the University of Southern California have developed an A.I to track and analyse social media users to predict the point at which a protest will turn violent. 

StumbleUpon has announced its closure in the ‘coming months’.