Social Media News – October 2018

by Dan Stork November 2, 2018


Facebooks latest hack has exposed at least 50 million users private information.

Facebook continues the assualt on YouTube with new ad options for video.

Facebook states it’s begining a crack down on click bait and poor quality advertising on the platform.

Facebook launches it’s first physical device, the Portal.



Twitter has announced bans on dehumanising language.

Twitter has also announced it will show if users have voilated the rules of conduct on their profile.



New QR code’s to add Instagram profiles in real life have been rolled out in the app.



Microsoft boasts record levels of engagemet for LinkedIn. This follows on from the integration of LinkedIn with Office products last month.



New in stream video ad types, TrueView, to push engagement with advertising on the platform.



A 6,000 word memo from Snapchats CEO was leaked, detailing the companies future and ‘survival’ plan. Techcrunch reports on the key take-aways.



A new report on Gen Z’s digital habits has revealed some startling info for marketers. It appears they aren’t moving as quickly as was first thought.