SWARM Day 1 Afternoon Wrap

by Dan Stork August 30, 2017

You’d think such an amazing morning would be hard to top but the afternoon certainly delivered.

Matt Lucas from Australia Post talked about how they approach managing a community the size of Australiaโ€™s whole population:

Next up we heard from Leah Williams Veazey delving into the insights from her research and work with marginalised communities.

Next up we heard from Kelsey Gamble & Emma Siu with their vital insights and discussion on gaming communities;

Kate Fenertyย from Cancer Council AU was next to speak and gave a highly emotional talk about managing at-risk communities. Amongst the massive insights and inspiration, there were also a few tears.

To round out the day we heard from Jessica Malnik who offered some strong insights, a lot of laughs and a great close to the day.

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