SWARM Day 2 – Morning Symposium on Automation, AI & Community Management.

by Dan Stork August 31, 2017

The second day of SWARM started with a Symposium on Automation, AI & Community Management.

Venessa Paech gave an enlightening talk covering the use of AI  in community management contexts including bots and moderation automation.

Jonathan Hutchman then led a discussion focused on his research into AI and chat bots, specifically the chat bot built by ABC News Australia.

Dr Yolande StrengersDr Justine Humphry and Dr Chris Chesher led us in a discussion on home automation and focusing on its inherent risks and opportunities as well as the subtle and not so subtle gendering of home assistants.

To close out the morning we had an inspiring talk by Ms Saffaa focused on the social media movement to end male guardianship laws in Saudi Arabia while touching on safe spaces online, building a community online and pressuring governments into political change.

If you missed out on our coverage of Day 1 you can catch up here.