Pierrette Langford

by being-admin September 25, 2019

Dan de Sousa

Community Manager

Pierrette is a social media professional with over six years experience in strategy, content production and community management. Having worked for both agency roles (as a Content Creator for the award winning Social@Ogilvy) and in house (as the Senior Producer for the Coca-Cola Social Centre) she has a thorough understanding of the social media landscape. Previous clients have included, KFC, Telstra, Ford, Kronos, SAP and many more.

Now residing in Canada, when she’s not in the wilderness chasing Moose, Pierrette divides her time between Quiip and volunteering for a mental health non-profit, something she’s passionate about. Her work in mental health has provided her with valuable skills in peer support that she applies to many of her Quiip clients. As a Canadian based Quiipee, Pierrette forms an invaluable part of our team, helping us to provide high-quality community management services any time of day.