Tips & resources for remote working

by Quiip Team April 28, 2020

As we all adjust to a future of remote working, distributed teams, and radical flexibility – many for the first time – it’s important we build a culture of knowledge sharing. At Quiip, we’ve been working this way for a decade and often share our tips and tricks. We love working this way, it produces great results, and we see the holistic benefits for our team, our clients and society as a whole.

Here’s a round-up of some lessons we’ve learned penned by various members of our team to help you regardless of where you’re at in the journey. Read, reflect and share your own experiences!

What is radical flexibility?

Alison Michalk explains what it is, how it’s different from general flexibility, and how it works effectively at Quiip.

Top 5 books on remote work

Alison’s favourite reads on remote working are full of tips and case studies to teach and inspire.

This company is powered by part-time, remote employees

Learn about how we work successfully at Quiip, despite not practicing colocation (hint: our community management skills are a big help!)

Work is no longer a place

Alison challenges old-fashioned paradigms of work and shows how a new model should focus on results, not time logged.

Flexibility is not starting at 9:30am on Wednesdays

Many workplace notions of flexibility aren’t very revolutionary or innovative. We explain why going home early or starting late is just the tip of the iceberg.

Flexible working is all the rage, so here are six tips to help get you started

We offer six practical tips that help Quiipees stay happy, healthy and on mission.

Remote work vs. radical flexibility. What’s the difference?

Quiipee Amber Robinson explains the critical difference between these two concepts, and how asynchronicity is an essential piece of the puzzle.

5 tips for remote workers

Our five biggest challenges and our top tips for overcoming them.

9 tips for working from home

Simple advice to guide you to productive, engaging day at the virtual office.

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