Tips to survive the silly season

by Erin Tierney November 5, 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! While you are preparing to wind down, the holidays are heating up, bringing about some of the highest activity online.

Make sure you’re prepared for the silly season by taking on board some of our tips to ensure that you, your audience and your brand get through the happiest time of the year!


  1. Keep your content fresh.

Make sure you don’t miss a step in your content plan by planning and scheduling all of your posts. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’ve removed any festive content from your social profiles or community around 26 December, you don’t want to be the one still celebrating Christmas in January.


  1. Thank your audience or community!

People love to be recognised and you can increase both your engagement and loyalty by simply thanking them for their contributions to your page or community.


  1. Be inclusive

Your audience is diverse, so your content should be the same. While we celebrate Christmas, be aware that Kwanzaa and Channukah occur around the same time. Generally, this means recognising all holidays, but staying away from religious imagery (unless you are a religious organisation) and going with something a lot more general. Be risk prepared for any posts that you do, with an adequate response guide for your team to combat any adverse responses.


  1. Set realistic response times for your social media page

Have skeleton staff and no out of hours monitoring? While we recommend that your community or audience is monitored regularly (see point 6), allow your audience to know when to reach you will help expectations during this time. Simply, re-adjust your response availability on Facebook, you can even set your page to being “away” during certain hours.


  1. Be risk prepared

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, even more so in a high-risk community or one built around consumer customer service. Think in advance to any potential issues that may arise during this time and create appropriate responses and escalation plans to put in place to calmly contend with any crisis.


  1. Hire more help to be online when your audience is

If only the internet stopped when you did right? We know that businesses shut down and vacations are needed, so we recommend outsourcing your Christmas coverage to someone like Quiip! We have a team of community and social media managers ready to take the helm and provide round-the-clock monitoring while you put your feet up.


We’re taking on board Christmas coverage now! If you want to ensure that your community or social audience is looked after while you are feeling the sand between your toes contact us now.