What you need to know to plan great content in March 2016

by Julie Delaforce March 1, 2016

What you need to know to plan great content in March 2016

I’ve collated some interesting dates and events for March 2016 to help you create and plan great content, fill out your social media content calendar and save you time. You’ll find some important and some fun dates for the month of March to help you think outside the box and create interesting and relevant content for your customers. Make sure you read the tips and considerations which will help shape both your content and your risk and response plans.

  • 1 March signals the official start of Autumn in the southern hemisphere. Does your company have a reason to celebrate the weather cooling down, the approach of shorter daylight hours or those pretty, falling leaves?
  • March is Australian Women’s History month which culminates with International Women’s Day on 8 March. Does your organisation have strong diversity and equality policies and support women in leadership? Are you hosting an event or do you have staff participating in events? If so, this is an important month and you can create at least one content item each week to celebrate it.



Tips and considerations

1 March World Compliment Day Aren’t compliments lovely? Everyone likes to hear them. A great date for those in the mental health space to celebrate to encourage positivity.
3 March World Wildlife Day Cute animals win the internet, right? This is a day for raising awareness of wild flora and fauna and endangered species. Don’t make the mistake of sharing a puppy or kitten as, however darn cute, they’re irrelevant. If your company fundraises for or publicly supports wildlife has strong strong environmental policies or is in destination or tourism promotion you can find an angle to create content around this date. Try to focus on awareness of Australian flora and fauna which is unique and therefore more share-worthy.
6 March Clean up Australia Day You can show public support for the event by talking about your environment or sustainability plans and policies. I caution you to have data around your activities and their impact if you take this approach as it’s likely you’ll receive questions from your audience. The best way to include Clean Up Australia Day in your content planning is to get photos of staff participating in clean up events. It’s simple, shows grass-roots involvement and the real people behind a brand.
7 March Alexander Graham Bell Day A great day for communications and communicators. Is it relevant to make a joke or tell a story about technology and communications or how times have changed? Do you have now and then photos? Have some fun with this one.
8 March International Women’s Day The focus of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2016 is ending violence against women. IWD itself and violence against women are sensitive topics and will raise the subject of feminism. Make sure you have a relevant position and response plans in place if you create content around IWD. Be bold, be brave and be prepared to deal with trolls.
17 March St Patricks Day Every year I see many brands making posts about St Patrick’s Day. Stand out from the crowd by avoiding it, unless you can find a relevant link to your brand. Financial services brands could create conversations about building wealth or saving around the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you’re a snake-wrangler then this is the day for you. Not many of those around though…
19 March Earth Hour Is your workplace turning off the lights at 8.30pm on 19 March? Work that into your content plan. Be prepared to answer questions about your environmental and sustainability plans.

Tip: If it’s relevant encourage your customers to take photos of their homes with the lights out to create a UGC curation opportunity.
20 March International Day of Happiness What does happiness mean to your brand? Perhaps it means happy customers and you can use this day to collect survey results from your social media audience. It’s a good opportunity to create happiness with a surprise and delight campaign with influencers and loyal customers.
International Day of Happiness is another good day for the content calendars of mental health organisations.
Tip: remember to look after yourselves, Community Managers and exercise your self-care on International Happiness Day.
21 March Harmony Day &
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Harmony Day celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our nation and promotes the benefits of cultural diversity. Like IWD, it’s an important subject and you’ll need to be prepared to respond to some tough questions about your own diversity policies. Unfortunately you also need to expect and be prepared for racist comments and trolls.
25 March – 28 March Easter Good Friday (25 March) and Easter Monday (28 March) are national public holidays in Australia. This is another occasion that many brands will share content around. If you can find a reason your brand has to talk about Easter that your audience will understand, go for it. Otherwise look for other dates or content that is relevant for you.

Tip: If you’re in retail or customer service, let your customers know your opening hours in advance as well as when you’ll be returning to business as usual. Do you have emergency contact numbers they might need if your usual stores or service lines aren’t open?

Community Managers: are you taking a 4-day weekend? You deserve it as much as everyone else. Plan ahead and make sure you don’t need to be checking your phone every hour.
31 March Bunsen Burner Day One for the science geeks. If they’re part of your audience or your content strategy you can have fun celebrating chemistry or reminisce about ye olde high school experiments.

These are just a few important dates for March and some special considerations. If you wanted to you could plan event-based content almost every day of the month. Here are a few more sites to check to fill out your content calendar for March:

Now you have everything you need to March Fourth and create great content this March!