Quiip provided Australia’s No.1 property site for real estate with a full-time in-house community manager and after-hours support during its massive 2014 brand campaign Australia Lives Here featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Australia lives here. So does Quiip.

realestate.com.au and Quiip combined forces to during the 2014 launch of a major brand campaign, Australia Lives Here, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Australia lives here

Australia’s leading property website realestate.com.au engaged Quiip for support services during the launch of a major brand campaign in 2014.

The Australia Lives Here campaign starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was a major play to firmly establish the brand, and the biggest advertising initiative they had conducted to date.

Quiip provided a full time in-house social media manager and additional out-of-business hours monitoring and customer service.


realestate.com.au’s high profile, number one market position, well-known talent for the campaign (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and issues such as distrust of real estate agents meant their campaign presented a considerable risk, which would likely play out across social media.

An additional challenge was the small size of the realestate.com.au social media team and internal perceptions around the role and importance of social media. Quiip played an integral part in helping to establish internal best practice in regards to social media content creation, scheduling, posting, moderating, and reporting.


Quiip worked directly with internal stakeholders, responsible for brand and marketing, to ensure all social media activity was led by an audience first approach.

Quiip’s Key Account Director and business as usual (BAU) Community Manager worked closely with realestate.com.au’s Senior Manager of Content & Community Strategy to conduct a risk assessment and put in place procedures to ensure the remote community management team were able to promptly action any identified risks. This meant there were no category 1 (crisis) level risks during the brand campaign.

Our in-house team member supplied BAU support, assisting their team with content creation for the campaign on blogs and social media, as well as creating a schedule for on-going posting of evergreen content.

Quiip contributed content for all social networks along with blog posts, and revived a dormant Instagram account, quickly growing engagement on this important emerging platform.

Quiip’s skilled community managers spent almost 400 hours monitoring and managing this campaign in social media. During out of hours monitoring Quiip managed an average of one incident every five minutes. All incidents were documented and included in reports to realestate.com.au.

Reporting provided to realestate.com.au was extensive, providing weekly progress updates, gauging success against competitors and the brand’s own benchmarks.


Quiip’s community management team adeptly moderated, mitigated and managed all risks, removing content per brand guidelines and engaging with the audience per tone of voice guides.

In total almost 350 escalations were made in just 70 hours of outside business hours community management. This meant that not only was the brand reputation and talent protected, but that realestate.com.au ensured ASX guidelines on response times to customer issues were met

Quiip instilled a community management approach into all social media activity, which led to greater engagement than previous benchmarks for realestate.com.au.

Other key achievements included:

  • Strong audience growth of 18% across all channels from both paid and organic activity, particularly in the critical 21-44 age demographic
  • Management of 8,500 engagements across realestate.com.au’s social media platforms;
  • Pinterest audience almost doubled in three months and become a driver of traffic to realestate.com.au
  • Strong growth on YouTube, Instagram and Google+

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