Here’s why we’re different.

We’re refreshingly practical.

In addition to training your team, we work in the field ourselves – so we’re up to date on the latest trends, quirks and pitfalls from a community manager’s perspective.

We’re specific to you.

All content in our session is tailored to your organisation, industry and goals. Our consultants are then matched to your business, based on their past experience and specialties.

We’re really mobile.

All training is conducted in-house – so your managers can tend to other priorities, or outside team members can select the specific training modules relevant to them.

We’re well-versed in the industry.

Because we understand how tough this business can be, our like-minded consultants strive to energise your team with the drive to build your community into an asset.

We’re bespoke.

Our personalised training works your biggest problems into the agenda – cutting back time, stress and money.

Risk Training

Mini Risk Workshop

Suitable for low-risk, non-customer-facing clients, with few complaints.

½ Day Training

Risk Essentials

Suitable for medium-risk, customer-facing clients, who receive regular complaints and experience occasional crises.

1 Day Training

Advanced Risk Masterclass

Suitable for medium to high-risk, customer-facing clients, who receive regular complaints and/or deal with sensitive issues like health and finance

2 Day Training

Community and Social Media Training

Management 101

Suitable for clients who understand the value of building a community as a long-term asset.

1 Day Training

Social Media 101

Suitable for clients with minimal social media presence and/or experience, seeking to safely and sustainably invest in an online communication strategy.

1 Day Training

Community Content and Strategy Masterclass

Suitable for clients with an understanding of current platforms and social media policies in place, seeking to develop a sustainable content strategy.

2 Day Training

Customer Service for Social Media

Suitable for clients with current platforms and channels in place, focusing on best practice, tone of voice refinement and solving issues within the platforms.

1 Day Training

Social Media Training for Customer Service Staff

Suitable for clients who haven’t worked on social media previously and don’t have established platforms or channels. This is an introductory training.

1 Day Training

Resilience Training for Community & Social Media Managers

Suitable for clients for Social Media and Community managers. This focuses on buidling resilience online, reducing stress and staff burn-out.

1 Day Training


Suitable for community managers working in teams of less than three, seeking to enhance personal development and community management learning.

2 – 3 Hour Training

Advanced Mentoring

Suitable for community managers with more than two years’ experience, seeking to enhance personal development and community management understanding.

2 – 3 Hour Training

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