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It’s our ten-year Quiipiversary!

This month we have a pretty special milestone to celebrate. It’s ten years since our founder Alison Michalk launched Q...

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The best podcasts for community managers

Podcasts are an engaging and convenient way to learn, get inspired and of course, be entertained. For busy community pro...

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The Voller ruling: what it means for social media management

In June 2019 the New South Wales Supreme Court ruled in favour of a defamation case brought by Dylan Voller, a former de...

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Sharing our client satisfaction

We’re serious about the people we serve – from end-user community members, to our clients and our Quiipees (that’s...

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Tips for community managing virtual events

We’re running more digital-first events than ever, and there’s some great advice out there about how to prepare and ...

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6 questions to ask if engagement is down

Engagement is fluid and even in a highly active, effective online community, it will flux over time. But if you’re...

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Tips & resources for remote working

As we all adjust to a future of remote working, distributed teams, and radical flexibility – many for the first ti...

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Remote work vs. radical flexibility. What’s the difference?

When was the last time you had a great idea? I’ll take a bet that it wasn’t at your desk, or even in a meeting, even...

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