As an entirely distributed company that advocated for radical flexibility whilst supporting employees holistically – we’ve always done things our way. And it was this type of approach to doing business differently, that led us to B Corp certification in 2018.


As a B Corporation, we’re part of a global mission of people who believe that companies should look after their people, their environment and their communities.


In an effort to leave the planet in a better state than where we found it, we continue to make serious strides towards being a more purposeful, ethical and flexible business.


We also strongly believe in creating safe and productive online spaces and were the first organisational signatories to the Australian Community Managers Code of Ethics. 


See more details about some of our core initiatives below.

Social Impact

We have joined forces with companies such as Atlassian, Salesforce and Yelp to Pledge 1% of our staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to any charity of the team’s choosing.


At Quiip, we have committed a step further, by pledging 1% of revenue rather than profit. Our recipient organisations are varied but include Seed mob, the Climate Council, The Australian Literacy Foundation, Movember, Headspace, fare, Bob Brown Foundation, Top Blokes, Happy Boxes, Share the Dignity, Karrkad Kanjdji Trust and more.


Because the Pledge 1% initiative doesn’t just stop at financial donations, we also pledge our time to give back to the community. Quiip currently pledges 150 hours (1% of our team’s time) to supporting not-for-profits and social enterprises via the Pro-Bono Purpose Project (PPP) initiative.

Climate Action

At Quiip, we’re particularly passionate about climate action and environmental sustainability. As a certified B Corporation, we are hoping to grow our climate commitment and help protect people, wildlife and environment.


Quiip is one of over 5,000 companies globally who have joined the SME Climate Hub in pledging to halve our emissions before 2030 and reach Net Zero emissions before 2050 at the latest. We are also working as a team to accelerate our action and leave a positive trace on our planet.


As a key step in this journey, we have partnered with trace to become a Carbon Positive Organisation. This means that Quiip continues to be a carbon neutral business, as we’ve estimated the carbon emissions of our operations – and fully remote working team – and offset 100% of those emissions through certified carbon credits and tree planting. You can read more about our impact and some of the projects we are supporting here.

Employee wellbeing

B Corp Certification is a holistic assessment, looking at 5 key areas of business. One of the areas Quiip performs strongly in is The Workers Impact Area. This evaluates a company’s contribution to its employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being. Some of our initiatives in this space include:


  • Radical flexibility – no head office, no commute, no cubicles and no nine-to-five
  • Uprise EAP service – We have employed EAP providers Uprise whose mission is to provide the best tools for people to self-manage their mental health and to make accessing a professional simple and easy. An Australian supplier, they were founded by Dr Jay Spence, a clinical psychologist
  • Diversity and inclusion – We have introduced Culture Amp’s survey to create a baseline for improvement on our DEI efforts and we put our staff through SBS’ cultural competence training
  • Employee Perks – Our workplace benefits scheme offers professional & personal development, a fitbit, health & wellbeing payments and more. Quiip also offers interest free loans of up to $2000.
You can learn more about our B Corp journey here and read our B Impact Assessment 2020 report here.