Meet the Team: Gaya

by Alison Michalk September 20, 2023

At Quiip we have over 24 community managers based around Australia, and the globe. We love having the opportunity to dive into their insights and stories, and we look forward to introducing everyone across 2023. In this edition we meet Community Manager, Gaya.

When did you join Quiip, and what led you to Quiip?
I first joined Quiip in June 2023, in a casual capacity to fill in for a team member who was going away for 3 months. I’ve always admired the ethos of Quiip as a purpose driven company, from way back when I was a part of the B Corp community. I got the opportunity to watch Quiip do what they do best at a SWARM conference in Sydney and met many talented and passionate community managers.

What were some of your prior roles?
Most of my experience is in stakeholder engagement across the social impact and not for profit sector. Most recently, I was the community manager at B Lab Australia & New Zealand where I supported and built a community of almost 300 purpose driven businesses in the region. I currently work in the Victorian public sector.

What are some of your favourite places on the internet?

As a new parent (I’m only 18 months in!), I often find myself scouring carefully sought out online communities on Instagram and Facebook engaging with other new parents about the joys and trials of early parenthood. I have also curated my TikTok feed to showcase maximalistic home DIY projects.

What are the current client projects you work on?

I’m working on the This Girl Can Victoria campaign, Blackmores and have recently joined the ABC team.

What project/client stands out and why do you enjoy it?

I’ve really enjoyed the super fun and positive This Girl Can Victoria campaign. There’s nothing more wonderful than women reclaiming their power and taking up space, and this is what I get to see everyday when I work on this campaign. I’ve really enjoyed cheering women from all walks of life on as they discover new personal bests and experiences, overcome challenges and be unapologetically themselves. I feel like their ultimate hypewoman and it’s even made me start back up at boxing training!

Are there any brand communities or social media that you really love?

I really enjoy Instagram and its ability to connect people to ideas, discussions and thought leadership in a creative, visual and non-intimidating way. Alot of IG accounts I follow are accounts that encourage critical analysis of issues around race, inequality, capitalism etc. you get the idea…
It has allowed me to engage with various perspectives and arrive at my own conclusions and understandings about societal issues that enable me to draw on my own lived experience while also hearing what other people have to say about it from theirs. It’s a platform where I’ve been able to build online friendships with people who I admire from around the world,, but would never have
crossed paths with in an offline world. The memes, fashion, travel and beauty content are all bonuses too 😉

What does flexible work enable you to get up to outside of work?

It means freedom to spend my time on my terms, choosing my own hours and feeling supported in saying ‘no’.

What is something quirky or interesting about you?

I make and sell shea body butters. It was a hobby I picked up during COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, and over time I’ve been working hard at figuring out how to run a mini business. It’s currently on pause as I try to get back on top of all my responsibilities, but even if it doesn’t go anywhere, I had a lot of creative fun for a period of time and will always be moisturised 😉

What do you think the future of social media and/or community management holds?

I think there is an expectation for more authenticity on social media. In an online world where AI, fake news, trolls and other players seem to be dominating the space, I feel people will seek and cling on to communities and brands that they can connect with in a way that is meaningful to them.
As community managers, bearing this in mind as we engage with communities can have the power to make or break them.

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