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How community management and policing internet trolls became women's work

31/05/2018 on ABC News

How community managers can weather the fake news wave

25/05/2018 on Mumbrella

What does a community manager actually do?

08/03/2018 on Mumbrella

How To Have A Stress-Free Christmas In Your Online Community

15/12/2017 on B & T

Automation, AI and community management: the soul in our new machines

22/11/2017 on Marketing Magazine

Seven ways to help those struggling the most with the marriage equality debate

10/10/2017 on Mamamia

Creating Safe Online Spaces for LGBTIQA+ People

04/10/2017 on B&T

Social media encourages people to distrust companies who ‘don’t fuck up’

10/08/2017 on Mumbrella

How Julie Delaforce Failed: Learning From Experience

09/08/2017 on Travel Weekly

Facebook Moderation Guidelines Leaked

22/05/2017 on ABC News

Facebook Reveals A Community Opportunity To Brands

17/05/2017 on B & T

How To Fly Your Business Through A Social Media Storm

10/05/2017 on Huffington Post

Social Media Is Dead. Long Live Community!

09/05/2017 on B & T

First Speakers Announced For Swarm, Australia’s Only Community Management Conference

01/05/2017 on B & T

Swarm 2017: Want a Crowd of Followers?

28/04/2017 on The Stable

What’s So Bad About My Little Media Filter Bubble?

27/04/2017 on B & T

Brands are not thinking community engagement early enough, Quiip boss warns

30/03/2017 on Mumbrella

Three Feminists With Killer Facebook Guidelines

10/03/2017 on B & T

Red Agency tops CommsCon Awards shortlist, Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross revealed as host for awards night

14/02/2017 on Mumbrella

Tech, community management and future of influencer marketing on the agenda at CommsCon

24/01/2017 on Mumbrella

Two Australians Write The Rules For Online Behaviour

06/12/2016 on The Stable

Community Managers Code Of Ethics Combats Abuse And Trolling Online

06/12/2016 on B&T

Community management code of ethics launched with aim of combating online abuse

06/12/2016 on Mumbrella

This time it’s personal: tips for effective social media and reputation management

04/11/2016 on Mumbrella

When does remote working make sense?

20/10/2016 on Canberra Business News

Quiip grows client portfolio

05/09/2016 on Influencing

Pitch Watch: Quiip gains government deal

05/09/2016 on Mumbrella

Social media and online community management specialist Quiip announces new business wins

05/09/2016 on Campaign Brief

The rise and rise of Quiip

02/09/2016 on The Stable

Online Community Management Specialists Quiip Expands With A Number Of New Wins

05/09/2016 on B&T

Industry Profile: Quiip CEO Alison Michalk

29/07/2016 on AdNews

Business Profile Interview

21/07/2016 on The Mark Bouris Show

6 Strategies for Active Social Listening

02/05/2016 on Mumbrella

Quiip launches insights offering Quiillion, signing on Sydney Writer’s Festival

09/03/2016 on Mumbrella

Quiip Harnesses Online And Social Network Data For Business Insights With Launch Of Quiillion

09/03/2016 on B&T

Struggling to keep up with social media trends?

06/03/2016 on News.com.au

The lessons for community moderators from how Optus’ Dan responded to racist comments

09/01/2016 on Mumbrella

The one thing these six entrepreneurs plan to change about their business in 2016

18/12/2015 on Smart Company

Work is no longer a place

04/12/2015 on Mumbrella

David Jones Defies the Booers with Adam Goodes Marketing Win

19/10/2015 on Sydney Morning Herald (Fairfax)

What can we do about community manager burnout?

07/10/2015 on Mumbrella

Social media and community managers: The people battling anti-halal trolls and online abuse

15/10/2015 on News.com.au

All Together Now

21/08/2015 on The Australian

Quiip Partners With Law Firm To Offer Clients Legal Advice

24/03/2015 on B&T

Your social media crisis management playbook: Quiip’s Julie Delaforce

30/09/2014 on BRW

Diary of an entrepreneur - How Alison Michalk took Quiip from launch to success in just 10 days

25/07/2014 on Smart Company

Five things wicked campers needs online right now

16/07/2014 on Mumbrella

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Why 34 minutes a day isn't enough for your social media

10/07/2014 on PR Daily

Brands don't want to be the “canary in the coal mine”

26/03/2015 on AdNews

Social demand: clients want “owned communities”

15/12/2014 on AdNews

Eight ways to engage young people online

05/12/2013 on Bandt

Moderating and managing healthcare communities and social media campaigns

01/09/2013 on Prevention in Action

Online Forums Rule

01/09/2013 on Professional Marketing

The debate: Offline connections are crucial to online communities

01/09/2013 on Marketing Mag

A Distributed Team’s Guide To The Galaxy

16/09/2013 on Koshie's Business Builders

Moderating in tricky territory: refugees, racism and rants

15/04/2013 on Mumbrella

How to develop online community guidelines

19/11/2013 on Marketing Mag

Why using your real name will not mean better behaviour online

14/10/2012 on Mumbrella

Online community managers – we weren’t born last week

16/03/2012 on Mumbrella

How to manage a Facebook community

25/11/2013 on B&T

Online community management + services provider Quiip announces two new business wins

22/10/2013 on Campaign Brief