Jay Batten

Senior Community Manager

Meet Jay Batten

Jay is a social media professional and community manager at heart, He has spent more than six years creating and cultivating communities for medium and large brands – helping each of them achieve a connection that has shape the current market. He has enhanced the way social media is embraced internally and externally, and is always looking for the next professional edge.

He loves telling stories that capture an audience’s imagination and brings positive results to brands. His love of content is derived from his bright personality – his sense of humour, his love of travel, and his love of photography. Content is the life blood of every company, agency or brand, and Jay uses it to bring the passion to help them succeed.

Jay constantly wants to achieve and learn more, and he loves mentoring and educating others about all things social media. Jay’s favourite Quiip client experience was working for The Line – “because we were truly engaged with the audience” – but he was proudest of his work for ReachOut, because the steep learning curve of working with mental health communities meant he grew as a communicator and social media manager.

Projects Jay Batten has worked on

Reach Out

Online Community Strategy Development, Risk Management, Social Media Holiday Cover & Support for Volunteer Moderation Team

ReachOut provides young people with information, support, and resources about mental health issues. Quiip has provided strategy, consultancy, online community management, and crisis moderation.

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Jay Batten

Senior Community Manager

I constantly strive to achieve, and love learning, mentoring and educating others about all things social media.