Lauren Piro

Team Lead & Community Consultant

Meet Lauren Piro

Lauren Piro is one of Quiip’s most versatile community managers and a talented copywriter.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts, Lauren worked as a copywriter with Fairfax Radio and an analyst for Media Monitors. She cut her teeth as a volunteer moderator for a large music forum before joining Quiip in 2010. Her wheelhouse is in content creation, social media advertising, small business clients and customer experience.

Lauren has worked with commercial, government and non-profit organisations across a wide range of vertical markets including healthcare, fashion, professional services, FMCG and entertainment. Past projects include SEEK, ReachOut, The Line, AGL, MYOB, San Churro, Neon, TAB,, VicHealth, Sensis, Redkite, Pizza Hut, BCNA, SBS, Channel 9, VitaPet, Volkswagen, Tim Tam, BWS, Wrigley, Carefree, and Foxtel.

Based in Adelaide, Lauren is a big fan of music that sounds like yelling, cross-stitch, film festivals, mixed martial arts and pub trivia. She recently returned from two years in Canada where she redefined the meaning of “cold”.

Projects Lauren Piro has worked on

After-hours community management for SEEK

Community Management, Online Moderation Partnership, Risk Management & Social Media Holiday Cover

Australia’s number one jobs site looked to us for after-hours social media support and audience engagement. We also monitored for brand risks and helped ensure SEEK met its ASX obligations.

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NSW Health - Play Safe community strategy and management

Advanced training & workshops, Community Management, Content Creation, Online Community Strategy Development, Online Moderation Partnership, Risk Management, Social Media Monitoring & Support for Volunteer Moderation Team

NSW STIPU engaged Quiip to provide online community strategy and community management for Play Safe, a sexual health website for young people providing information on safe sex, condoms, STIs, testing and treatment.

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Community Management & Online Community Strategy Development

In an exemplary display of flexibility, Quiip were able to provide energy retailer AGL with an in-house Community Manager for six weeks on just two days notice.

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Community Management & Social Media Monitoring

Australia's number one jobs site looked to us to for after-hours social media support and audience engagement. We also monitored for brand risks and helped ensure SEEK met its ASX obligations.

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Meet the team

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I'm the CEO and Founder of Quiip, a global leader in online community management and moderation services.

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I'm a specialist in social media and online community, and I make sure everything is better than expected.

Heather Hankinson

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I believe in human relationships, old fashioned marketing principles and Future of Work.

Lauren Piro

Team Lead & Community Consultant

I'm one of Quiip's most versatile, experienced community managers and a talented copywriter.

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Team Lead & Community Consultant

I grow big communities, develop interactive Facebook apps and manage social advertising campaigns.

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Lani Bagley

Community Manager

I'm a social media and community manager, copywriter, and online content creator.

Danielle Schwerin

Community Manager

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Jay Batten

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Dave Gertler

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Cosette Paneque

Cosette Paneque

Community Consultant

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Sarah Stokely

Community Consultant

I'm passionate about mental health and am experienced with managing highly sensitive communities.