10 for 2015: the best of what the internet is predicting for social media this year

by Quiip Team January 06, 2015

Just as the end of the year means listicles reviewing what happened in the past 12 months, so too does the start of the year mean marketing Nostradamuses (Nostradami?) lining up to give their predictions for what’s ahead. Here are some of the ones we think will actually come true – and some cautionary tales about getting carried away.


10 Digital Marketing Predictions For 2015

We really like this list because it’s grounded in reality – changes to social media platforms we saw in 2014 – and has actionable items for any business to jump on in early 2015. Do you know to use a content marketing strategy to maximise reach? Are you as mobile-friendly as your audience is? Now’s the time to learn.

Infographic: 10 Marketing Predictions for 2015
Like the above list, this infographic points to recent announcements – backed up by statistics – to make its predictions. Lots of things to consider here, such as how video, advertising and targeting are used in your social media and online marketing.

Social Media Tool Trends
Social media tools are a dime a dozen – these guys say they’ve got a database of over 1000 – but what can social media tools actually deliver on their promise, and which ones are breaking new ground? This excellent article looks at 2015 social media trends from the point of view of what will best help you this year.

5 Trends That Will Change How You Use Social Media in 2015
Or, ‘5 Changes Social Media Platforms Are Making That Will Affect All Marketers’. Facebook’s frequent changes are always a hot topic among community managers – just look at all the debate about paid vs organic reach last year. Equally, Facebook’s competitors will be making changes in 2015 to keep and grow their base.

5 Smart Marketing Predictions for 2015 that All CMOs Should Know About
We’re not all CMOs, and we don’t all work for massive companies with big budgets. But all marketers can learn from these five thought starters. Use them to shape your content marketing strategy, multi-channel content, influencer outreach and more.

10 Experts Predict Digital Marketing Trends for 2015
This list reinforces the big trends we saw emerging at the end of last year and shows where they will go this year. Our favourite? “No more algorithm chasing” – a challenge for all social media marketers to focus on relevant and engaging content instead of trying to second guess Facebook’s reach trickery.

The 7 Top Social Media Trends That Will Impact Your Marketing In 2015
This list looks at social media opportunities for marketers based on the changing ways people are using social media – and the ways platforms are driving that. We know pay to play is here, but is video really the Next Big Thing? This is one of many 2015 trends articles that says yes.

2015 digital marketing predictions for Facebook
Those starting out in social media, or needing a reminder of some of the more obvious trends should read this list – it’s not just applicable to Facebook. Mobile, measurement, personalisation and conversation: does your social media strategy and content cover all these bases?

5 Social Selling Resolutions Worth Sticking to in 2015
Developing the points in the above article, this is a great to-do list that doesn’t just predict social media trends, it tells you what you need to do to benefit from them. If you want to see an ROI from social media this year, you could do worse than to follow this solid advice.

Did 2014’s Marketing Predictions Come True?
Finally, a look back at last year, and a helpful infographic that examines how well some soothsayers did with their predictions. Kudos to Offerpop for going back to their trends piece and ranking how well they did. The question now is – what will we be saying about 2015’s social media trend predictions in 12 months?