The best April Fool’s Day pranks on social media – 2017

by Digital Admin April 01, 2017

The best April Fool’s Day pranks on social media – 2017

It’s that time of year again when you can’t trust anything you read on the internet, here are some of the best April Fool’s Day pranks from 2017.

Virgin Australia

You can’t go wrong with doggos! Virgin Australia delighted with their Canine Cabin Crew prank. We love this so much, we wish it was for real.

Virgin Australia April Fool's 2017

Primo Smallgoods

Primo knows their audience and they’ve delivered exactly what every bacon lover wants; Bacon Wrap. The best April Fool’s Day pranks need to be obvious enough so as not to cause too much confusion for customers, but also have an aspect of believability. Primo managed this balance with their Bacon Wrap prank, resulting in a high number of shares and tagging of friends.

Primo April Fool's 2017


IKEA has delivered another cracking April Fool’s post this year (we loved their post last year as well). Introducing FLIKEA, the latest low-cost airline to land in Australia. The post tapped into IKEA’s well defined brand and welcomed jokes about assembly, allen keys and the potential maze-like terminal.

IKEA April Fool's 2017

ME Bank

ME Bank’s April Fool’s post taps into a well loved Aussie tradition: the sausage sizzle. The Snag debit card delivers $2.50 cash back on every sausage sizzle purchase.

ME Bank April fools 2017

They rounded out the experience with a seamless landing page and a branded message when you tried to apply for a card.

Gotcha ME bank

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Birds can fly. An Emu is a type of bird. It’s not that big a stretch to believe the footage released by NSW National Parks of the flightless bird taking to the skies in a world first. First we had to worry about drop bears, now it’s flying emus… The video includes footage of emus flying over well known National Parks in NSW, it’s clever, on brand way and relevant to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service fan base.

NSW National Parks April Fool's Day 2017

Sydney Opera House

One of my favourite April Fool’s Day pranks on social media this year has to be Sydney Opera House, who announced the appointment of a Seagull Whisperer to help better manage the seagulls at Bennelong Point.

Sydney Opera House April Fool's 2017

What really helped take this prank to the next level was the way SOH responded to comments without ‘breaking character’. Well played Sydney Opera House.

SOH April Fool's 2017 CM

What were your favourite April Fool’s Day pranks? Let us know in the comments below.