Best April Fools Pranks by brands on social media

by Quiip Team March 31, 2022

Hold on to your trust issues, because these brands rallied to have us questioning everything, again!

Here are some of the best April Fools Day pranks from 2021.


Coriander – you either love it or hate it; there’s no in between. Subway caused an epic stir with their announcement of a new “coriander cookie”, and sneakily did so the day before April Fools. They really got fans with that one. We don’t think we’ve read the word “ew” so many times in one day. 



You don’t have to have watched many kitchen beauty hack videos to know that yoghurt is supposed to be a great ingredient to throw into a skincare mask, and Chobani really had people going with their “new greek yoghurt face mask” line. Fans were disappointed to hear it was only a prank. At least you can still use their existing yoghurts to make a face mask if you’re so inclined.



We have to say, some of these could be quite useful if they were real. The people who reacted thought so. It seems thong thieves are a concern, not to mention lost Havis! But an admission that it’s not something that actually existed was pinned in the comments not long after. Clever though.



IKEA lands a spot in our list pretty much every year, always coming out with something so far-fetched it’s got to be a joke. Check out their “hund couture” – basically some artful origami project featuring their infamous reusable tarp bags. There weren’t many people who fell for it, but it was entertaining as usual, if not for the cuteness of the doggos alone! 



We guess Sanitarium decided Aussie kids are Weetbix kids more than ever on April Fools, and thought they’d pretend to released a 120kg box. Slipping in both a smooth reference to Jaws and Weetbix’s trademark hashtag “How Many Do You Do?”, they even had McDonald’s’s attention.



We all know someone who would legitimately prefer this to a traditional wedding cake. Imagine that chili sauce dripping onto a wedding dress though. Ouch. 



Australia’s favourite salty spread teamed up with Dare to bring us a Vegemite iced coffee! Call us crazy, but we can see it. No surprise that it got a similar reaction to the Subway coriander cookie. We bet there are some Aussies living overseas missing Vegemite that would take it in any form at this point! Shipping milk would be tricky though. 

What were your favourite April Fool’s Day pranks? Let us know in the comments below.